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Gary-I might get squiffy chickens though

Jean-they are small drinking cups-two ping pong balls would just squeeze in the top

The water out of hot water bottles -is rubbery -as the Chinese would say

Morning Flo


I have news on Christmas smileys----

Daniel has just messaged me to say they should be switched over on Monday

Have a good day out Chris- wrap up warm,say aah nicely,and don't spend too much

Pottie Pam

Good morning everyone.

Hope you are all okay and Becks and Jess are on the mend.

Great news about your friend, Inka. I'm afraid,reading some of the stories about the NHS and older people the outcome wouldn't have been so good. Have you heard about the Liverpool Care Pathway?

My younger brother is one of those mad people who goes trekking in the Himalayas. They have to drink as much water as possible to combat altitude sickness and as the Sherpas can only carry so much water they have to drink the contents of their hot water bottles in the morning when it has turned into a block of ice almost.




Morning all. I watched those programmes as well last night. Some of the cyclist programme was downright scary and some very sad. Was particularly touched by the ghost cycles.  

Inka, fabulous that your friend can be treated! How does the health service in Canada compare to what we have here?

I take fresh warm water out to the chickens most mornings at the moment - they're so pampered! Alfie went out into the garden this morning for all of about 2 minutes then shot back indoors again. He doesn't like the cold!

My guess for today's choc is a Santa.

Dean - will send you my shopping list!!



Gary, don't give Geoff ideas!

Hello Geoff. Congrats on the Christmas smiley outcome.

May I ask you and all the chicken-keepers at what point do you decide to insulate the chicken house? I have had a couple of nights in a row at below 0 degrees. Last year there were 4 girls so they had more chance of keeping each other warm, now with only 2 and Aggie being such a skinny bird I was wondering if they will get too cold.


Lottie-they have a water dispenser that comes in at night-these are small drink-cups that attach to the bars as a back up-they freeze up pretty quickly

Flo-I never have insulated it-are you supposed to?-they get corn late in the day that is supposed to warm them up for the night-I was wondering more about a TV or some reading material as they are in bed by 5 now?

Gary-you are not helping-if I wouldn't drink it.....................


Oh, right. I give mine corn last thing as well and sometimes mix up some of their pellets with a little warm water so thaey have a porridgey mash for bedtime.

They'll probably be watching the Eggs Factor when they turn in early.  Or the readers among them might like Hatch 22.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Just phoned doctors for me and Jess. She said she could fit us in next week!! After a strop, and pointing out Jess was 3, and getting no better, she said to phone back at 2pm, and she'd try and get her in.

Todays present has been had before. The clue was it was in 2 parts.



Flo, I have 4 birds and I was wondering about that as well. Poor things can't enjoy being out in sub-zero temperatures. I'm not sure how I'd go about insulating the house. When we only had the 3 little bantams who were very tame they used to come into the garage at night! They would line up on the back doorstep waiting to be let in, then nest down in their box.

Geoff I know the little cups you mean - but I don't know if there's anything that would stop them freezing at the moment!


All I did last year, Lottie, was to cover the house with sheets of bubble wrap and old curtains on top of that. They seem happy enough to potter round in the daytime, though it's not actually below 0 now. I think I'll probably chuck the curtains etc ovet the house tonight, it can't do any harm.


Hello All

Late as been allowed to go to supermarket with OH 

Choco - Snowflake

Becks - Bracelet and choco


Inka very plesed to hear your good news. Now fingers crossed for  good outcome from her hospital stay

Geoff if you get to Harrogate make a holiday of it.and then you can visit York as well. In September we stayed in York went to the Harrogate Autumn Show, Castle Howard (dogs allowed) We also spent a lot of time in Leeds - grand daughters arrival. And of course Bridlington and Scarborough are only a short drive as well.


I am not sure how much of the cold chickens feel-they are probably a lot hardier than us mere motrals

Flo-Eggs Factor/Hatch22

Becks -give those doctors hell-this really annoys me-don't they get it!!

Have rather sadly trawled back to cheat on the advent pressie-so want to win

Gary Hobson

Chickens should have lots of nice fluffy insulation. It's like us wearing a feather eiderdown. A bald or plucked chicken will get cold very quickly. Bubble wrap will be a better insulator than a curtain, because of all the air pockets.

Chickens' most vulnerable bits are their combs, which can get frostbitten.

Allowing chickens to watch Chicken Run is asking for trouble.


Becks just make sure you emphasise how long you have BOTH been unwell.

Just been to see next door neighbour - from now on will be known as L - she has bought part of OH pressie for me as far to obvious if I have OH with me. She is  very kind person.

Sorry I just can't comment about chickens, only eating them excites me

Big box came today - inside were 2 small garlics for planting - rest was packaging. Which leads me to a gardening question. When would it now be safe to plant them as I know they need frosting?



Answers so far today on the advent choccy are~~~~~~~~~~~




The Ice Queen-reindeer

Flo-umbrella.ella ,ella

Holly Berry -snowman

Any more? -result will be announced before tonight's galivantations.

Miss Becks

Geoff, Snowflake?

You trawled back, but never put your answer!! Doh!

I will do Geoff/Bjay, but will be grateful just to get an appointment. Their system is terrible.


It could be the balloon and more bubbles again-just don't want to appear too pushy or competitive

I guess phoning back at 2 it to see if they have a cancellation-should not be how it works-do they not do emergency appointments??

I thought you frosted cup-cakes


Just read on another thread that it only 12weeks till March. Isn't that a good feeling??


We going on a March??-great- I get to wear my shorts