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Frank............. is Frank-why?

Dean-it is the other way round on the discs

Forgot to say hello to Glyn from 2 hours ago

Miss B !!-how are you m'dear -the perfect murder can be done with an icicle no murder weapon to find

Who argues over cake tins???


You see, someone always knows the answer! Norm2 thxs. Will carefully show it to OH, but at least now he's as baffled as me! Over to heating engineer methinks!

Sorry Bjay,  thought you knew Frank. Lots of good gardening experience & stories!

Miss B, any 'office' relating to work that could be used on your behalf for the collection? J.


to zippy, well done on the compost tumbler, thats not fair trumped on my first day 


Geoff WE do!! that is me & OH. J.



I definitely cant type, nor think as fast as you lot tonight.

Cards await! J.

Nope no brothers, who are frank and gary?


Haven't done my Christmas cards yet either.

i had worked out most pseudonyms but Frank escaped my detective work on several threads

At moment having trouble remembering what mine is

Miss Bateman

 Hello Geoff Im great,  thanks!  I carry enough drugs in my nursing bag to knock out a horse!! No icicles required!    Tempted to take some maself at times.

Becks thanks for the tip    Will try that tommorow .

Miss b x


Deanos Diggin It

Norm! It's a long story! n you are excused! Just Beck's be facetious! 


Miss Becks

Miss B, make sure they know it's from you though, and why it's being returned. Maybe pop a note inside.

Norm, that plumbers post you did was in the same style as they would have put. They are also forum members! But never mind plumbing Norm, we need a Christmas name and avatar picture from you during the festive season! Come on, join in!


Norm2-we cannot call you that-can we?/

-you need a festive name and a festive avatar-instructions are available

Jo-don't argue over anything sharp............. or should you??



And no Becks - not a drop of alcohol - just Christmas confusion and very tired. May try dog in hall tonight but then he'll end up by our bedroom door, could make getting to loo in night tricky.

Any dog psychologists on here 

okey dokey as I said earlier I don't know who anyone is at the moment, the name list helped but I think some have changed since then and I'm not quite sure who I am now, great thread this

Tinker Bauble wrote (see)

 May try dog in hall tonight but then he'll end up by our bedroom door, could make getting to loo in night tricky.

Oh my giddy aunt


Norm2 wrote (see)

 thats not fair trumped on my first day 

-that explains it

Caz W

Just what I was thinking Geoff


Well, sorry, -  not really thinking, but it isa fact of life isn't it?????

Hi Norm2 make yourself at home - a list by computer helps when you first start off. Usually I'm Bjay.

I'm trying to slowly lose my elf name - it may take some time!!

Miss Becks

Who's who update!

Geoff:        elf 'n' appiness
Bjay:        Tinker Bauble
Gary:        Georg Faust
Flo:        FloFairy
Jo:        plumstrudle
Kaz:        Nadolig Caralau
Dean:        Zippy Bed Head
Hollie:        jackie Frost
Glyn:        Holly Berry
Chris:        Twinkle Bell
Jean:        The Ice Queen
Miss B:        
Pam:        Fairy Godmother
Pottiepam:    Snowgirl
Nola:         Miss L. Toe

Miss Becks

Any last minute entries??? Big Reveal in 10 mins!

Geoff:        a frog of some sort Plus more haribo goodies
Bjay:        Tiara and christmas tree chocs
Gary:        the toy is a glass slipper, and the 3 edibles are a pumpkin and 2 sugar mice.
Flo:        tiara and jelly babies
Jo:         3 chocolate decorations & a toy car.
Caz:         a little baby doll and sweeties
Dean:        Acute morning sickness
Miss B:        chocolate wand! chocolate princess shoes, and edible stardust!     
Lottie:        tiara and haribos
Norm:        remote control and a mystery gift