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Pottie Pam

Merry Christmas everyone.

I've been in my bunker awaiting the end of the world and just popped out to see if it was all over. I'm astonished to  see everything is as normal so am making up hampers of beans, dried pasta and bottled water to give out as Christmas presents.

Quite frankly it was getting a bit smelly down there and the dog wanted out for a wee.

Hope everyone who has been poorly is on the mend and can enjoy a wonderful Christmas.


Miss Becks
Well! Merry Christmas Eve my lovelies!!!
Food shopping done! In person! The one time of year I actually go into Asda! Loads of reductions! Got a ??20 turkey for ??10! That will do us nicely! And a shed load of reduced cakes!! Yum!
Internet went off again last night, and hasn't reappeared! So still on my phone, but better than nothing!
Do not plan on leaving the house for 2 days now! What I haven't got, tough!
Hope you're all ready! Or at least nearly.
Pennine Petal

Hiya Becks, bet it was manic in Asda. I'm doing b****r all today!





Last of OH's unBElievable chocolate cake just been consumed!

Has the tablecloth been sorted? No, but will get done .....

Oops who forgot to put some chives into a pot under cover? So dip/sauce for the salmon tonight isnt quite going to be right....

Going to sit down now & watch the show jumping- I have the remote! J.



Have been on the bus to Asad and Lidl- after 2pm on Christmas Eve and it was heaving-didn't buy much -not much being reduced at prsent-OH did get some smoked salmon

Hi Becks-you still have a lifeline to the outside world-and some good shopping

Glyn-that looks all right to me


Not many entries in the choc of the day-so will declare the winner-the answer was star-I think Jo was the only correct guess-well if she wasn't hard cheese -because here is her prize-and she already has it.







Pennine Petal
Well, that'll do for me Geoff!

If there is anything I've forgotten, it will have to wait u til the shops are open again. When is that? oh yes, Boxing Day!

Not all-you might have to wait till Thursday-Boxing Day is new sofa day as ordained by DFS.

We will survive!!

Pennine Petal
Haha, just saw an ad. Watching Rod now, OH is packing my pressies.

Narnia now-just finishing

My tv picks tonight are Merlin ,Outnumbered and MrsBrowns Boys



For Becks-or anyone else



Wayhay! Glad I've managed to win something!

OH now has the remote up here & daughter is plotting what to buy on-line.Geoff I'd agree with your choices, but only time will tell & where I can hide both remotes?- OH has just unearthed the universal one........

All pressies wrapped & suitably placed around the tree. OH still to do daughter's card- must remind him.

I've got an invite to the sale at local GC. Daughter & me usually go on 27th but she's working so am planning. against my better judgement, to take OH...need posh cards for next yr. J.

Caz W

Hello Christmas Forkers - nice to hear you're all ready for the big day.  It's a lovely feeling now the shops are finally shut and we can relax and enjoy all our hard work.

Becks - we've missed you - hope Jess sleeps well tonight and isn't awake too early tomorrow .  Really enjoyed Mr. Stink last night and hope the Snowman & the Snowdog won't be too sad tonight but at least guaranteed a laugh with Mrs Brown later

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All! 

Have Vegged on the settee all day, in the warm, traipsing the glossies, n am now actually sort of feeling human again!  

Sidelined all day! n lovely to see you all getting so excited n into the swing! 

I really hope you all have a great day tomorrow! 

An a very, very Merry Christmas to all from me n my family! 



Caz W

Glad you've been looking after yourself today Dean and seem on the mend.  Hope you will be fully recovered so you can enjoy tomorrow (with a bit of luck it'll get you out of any kitchen duties)



Evening Dean And Nad

Lady and the Tramp now


Well, I'm feeling almost human agan and I've got my cooking mojo back  

A gammon has been simmered, glazed and baked and the gammon stock has been reduced down and put in the garage fridge to make soup some time later in the week.  Herb stuffing has been made and a big free range chicken has been stuffed and covered with streaky bacon and foil, and now it's waiting patiently in the fridge for Christmas morning .  The giblets have been simmering with bay leaves and parsley stalks to make the gravy tomorrow and an onion, cloves and bay leaves are infusing some milk to make bread sauce in the morning.  

Merry Christmas everyone 

Pennine Petal
LandT is one of my favourites, just watched it. OH is cooking up yesterday's leftovers. I am slozacking! Merlin and Outnumbered for me too.

Poorly ones - keep yourself wrapped up snug!
hollie hock

I finally did my christmas shopping today and it went remarkably well. (Im a leave it to the last minuite in everything in life). Got every thing I wanted and the only person that annoyed me was a taxi driver threatening to call the police with the threat of a £75 if I parked in a so called taxi rank I don't do the whole shop thing that well at the best of times

I love Christmas Eve and throughly enjoyed Lady & The tramp, been a very long time since I last saw it and it was great, those old Disney films often bring a tear to my eye.

Plenty of "screaming & shouting" on tonight ( Corrie & Eastenders) to those that enjoy it.