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NYF- Jean? lost the plot a while back, sorry. I know about KD's habit of long performances. Daughter will drop us off & depending on finish time may collect us or we can use local taxi. Not a saturday night, so shouldnt be a prob, she says hopefully. Also an 'all night' bus route too! J.


Helllooo !  Is there a party going on somewhere and I'm missing it?   

Oh well, off to bed in a mo. 

See you in 2013.


l' m here flo- happy 2013


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Had the in-laws for most of today then peace and quiet and TV. Then a bit of bubbly to see in the new year with OH and son no. 2 - the other two are out celebrating. Am about to go to bed but there's a loud party next door and some loud fireworks going off. I may get some sleep!

Miss Becks
Just got back from the neighbours!
Happy New Year lovelies!!! Xx

I fell asleep about 10 thinking that the fireworks would wake me - I've a vague recollection of hearing them but they didn't wake me, but now there's a robin singing outside and I'm wide awake 

Happy New Year everyone!!! 


Happy New Year to all the Forkers!

Lovely moon at midnight & lots of nice fireworks. J.

Gary Hobson

Lovely moon this morning too. Even brighter and higher than it was a couple of days ago, and in a clear sky. Took this snap while feeding the birdies, at about 8.30...

 And this was the glorious sunrise, about the same time, on the opposite horizon...



The sun is actually shining here in Cambridge and we have a cloudless blue sky to boot and I hope you all, too, are enjoying the same!

The moon here at 0730 was stunning too btw - cannot take pictures as my camera is still in New York with youngest son (I hope)!



Yep, blue skies and sunshine here - heading south to visit elderly parents and then hopefully a healthy walk and a pub lunch, not necessarily in that order 

Have a lovely day folks!



Happy New Year, Forkers, from a sunny East Dorset. No partying but fireworks round and about woke up dogs who barked a lot. OH went and soothed them back to bed - twice. Didn't work. I shouted at them, twice   It worked the second time.

Gary, stunning pics


Oakley Witch
Happy new year forkers hope there isnt too many sore heads

Dove, I've just watched your troll advice - I used to love that song when I was a wee girlie.   Also the Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swann.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Forkers.

Absolutely glorious day, sun brightly shinig, no clouds on the horizon.

What a glorious way for the New Year to start.

OH just come in from walk to report wood is drying out but dog still managed to find a patch of mud.

May take wheelbarrow for its first outing


I've just popped some washing on line & had a trot round outside. The sun coming & going.

Only plant in flower this yr is Vibernum Bodnantse, but lots of bulbs coming up, lots of moss , & my sweetpeas in the coldframe are trying to reshoot after the slug attack!

Found a nice (!) group of slug eggs on top of a pot in 1 coldframe- birds now enjoying! J.