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Caz W

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb! (Happy New Year everyone) - hope it will be a healthy one for you all too.  Glad we're all back to normal anyway.  Nice to have some sunshine today and to get outside.  Have managed to take the Christmas cards down but that's enough for today!  Must also confess to having watched Mary Poppins too.

Lovely photos Gary


I was channel flicking.

Now watching early Last of Summer Wine

Never even open spam stuff, 


Same here BJay, not that I get much, thank goodness.

We ended up watching a DVD last evening- Cool Runnings. OH had said that he didnt want to watch it ages ago, but he had a really good laugh after all.J.



Back again, We watched Ripper Street, thought it was very good, a bit bloody and adult shall we say in places, but very well cast and acted. Looks as if it will be a good series.

Pork chops and sausage in the oven, washing in, looks like things will continue in the same old way in 2013

I want a pink wheel barrow like Bjays, birthday is later this month so it will go on the wish list.

Any New Years resolutions made or have I missed them in previous postings, far too many to read all of them,

Pennine Petal

Missed the NYD Concert this morning and forgot to record it. I like a nice bit of Strauss, waiting for it to come up on iplayer. I watched Pride and Prejudice, I love all these plus one channels, they make life so much easier.

The rain arrived here too Jo.

Noetic science, don't thik I'll be reading that too soon Jean, sounds like hard going.



 Pink wheelbarrows have many uses!!


Great photo, whose baby is it? Is that the Spollie dog?

Caz W

That's soooo cute BJay - no wonder you don't want to get the barrow dirty!


Lang may yer lum reek,everyone!

Caz W

Thanks Inka (well, I'm sure it's a nice sentiment anyway).


Baby my grand daughter,- 3 1/2 mths - Dog is a pure bred mongrel, guards his baby like anything

Happy New Year Inka 



Hello Inka! I I think all of me is reeking; I have spent a jolly couple of hours cleaning out a very manky drain which bunged up and overflowed badly in the recent heavy rain

Hi everyone esle too, esp. the new forker BusyLizzie,  iirc.  ~ ~ ~ Flo waves

Nothing riveting last night so OH and I watched 'The Help' which he recorded a few weeks ago. Triffic film. It had a story, I like story in my entertainment.

Cute wheelbarrow

Jean Genie

She's gorgeous Bjay  Happy New Year Inka, Hope your rum doesn't leak as well.




 He was my avatar for a while. He is not normally tied up - we were caravanning 



He's beautiful, just the sort of dog I like.

I hope my lum reeks lang. What's a lum? I hope reeks isn't smelly.


It means-Long may your chimney smoke---Robbie Burns, for auld lang's syne.


As long as my chimney doesn't smoke too much.

Fish for dinner today- something light after all the excesses

It's a 3 fish roast - salmon, cod and white smoked haddock - made up to order from Morrisons. Yum 

Deanos Diggin It

Happy new Year Inka! 

n thinking that as a meaning of "may you have as much fire wood as you may need to keep you warm over winter!"   John Smith! British Gas! 


Have been watching a Christmas themed Film-as you do

Finally watchet the end of the Millenium trilogy this morning-felt like cheering in the end -the good girl won

A light 3 fish dinner does not sound that light Bjay