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Gosh, this gets so many entries I get quite left behind! Course it wasn't my house! It's a chateau mine is an old farmhouse, which was in a stae when we bought it. I could send a pic but none of you sends pics of your houses so it's probably not done here.

Girasole (tournesol in French, means the same) all people living abroad get put under Tower Hamlets it can't be changed. Weird.

My husband and I and each of our 4 children drew plans of the garden and what we'd like in 1991, then we made something like the plans and eversince it's evolved. My husband died in '98 and I gave up for a bit then got really into it and made new beds.


Yes, Welcome Rambling Rose. We are getting a lot of new recruits, our fame must be spreading

Away now to prepare evening meal. Gammon for his Lordship, I'm having a very small piece of steak that was lurking in the freezer, jacket potatoe, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Midsomer Murders tonight, will it be as far fetched as usual?

Catch you later.



Sasha I have been in house and gaden for 2 1/2 years. Fortunate to eventually have a blank canvas. I target a samll amount each year. Last year I was not able to do as much as I thought - ongoing foot problems. I have a rough plan and an idea of colour schems and then look for plants I like within that papln and scheme. Now I found in autumn that one bed had no autumn colour to speak of so I think I will give Bishop dahlia's a go. But some, especially the Fairy Dell is still a blnk canvas. colour scheme pastel, scented. That's it so far 

Back from vet. She may need to go on medication for rest of her life. As she is only 5 it could be a long time. Vet said talk to insurance company first before I commit to anything. Any one had any dealings with pet insurance companies???


Liz-I have a picture of next doors house-you can see mine -will that do?

I want to see a picture of your French Farmhouse


Busy-Lizzie, well done to you 

Blooming heck ....have just been on the GW subscriptions website and it says next  issue out on 25 January and I haven't received January's yet 


Hello everyone! Welcome to Rambling Rose, too.

Nothing exciting to report from me either. A couple of new big plastic boxes in readiness for packing up decorations but that's about it!

I hope your house selling goes smoothly Geoff. If you have no particular ties here, well, why not? Go for it and enjoy the adventure! (and the weather, of course!)

Sorry welcome Rambling Rose



Oh Rosa....wish I could advise but have never owned a pet.


I had a half-wild half-Persian cat as a child but in those days you didn't go to vets and anyway someone stole her which was tough to deal with at age of 10.

Chorus....we want to see your farmous, Liz or something similar perhaps to be on the safe side 


 A couple of Summers ago

Pennine Petal

Afternoon all, or is it evening, I see it is dark out. I have been tied to my marking all day. It takes me ages, just thought I had finished one lot and found some more. I shall keep going, but thought I would have a peep in.

What a varied conversation tarot, sunflowers, kevins (I have worked it out, had a conversation with OH about his friend Kevin who we never see!), Spain, Italy and France and sunflower wine.

Girasole/Sasha, I was thinking about changing my name to Spring Cabbage, just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Hello, Rose

Be back later, OH making sausage and mash for tea.





Welcome to Rambling Rose and well done, Girasole!

Sunny and just above freezing here this morning. Must go out and check if any tips are being bared.

My niece gave me a green man for Xmas-but he is not green. He is marshalled with the others on the deck awaiting deployment in the garden.



That's not your house Geoff, that's your front garden! But it's really pretty.

Why is everyone taking down their Chrissie Decorations so soon? I leave it till 12th night and the French often leave theirs till well into February.

I'll arrange something on photobucket and send a house photo, but I hope I'm not the only one. I used to do B & B for a bit after my husband died when the last child left home so it was on a website once. Now I have 6 grandchildren and my children wanted to visit in summer so it wasn't very convenient. I really wanted visitors in winter!


Hello Rambling Rose, lovely name. So is Pennine Petal, please don't change it to Spring Cabbage.


The first one I stumbled acrossLiz-but there are thousands of pictures on this computer-will have another look-am going in

Hello Spring Cabbage Glyn-has a certain ring to it


Sasha please call me Bjay, it's closer to my own name!

I'll post a photo of my front garden as it has only been tidied and i don't know what the h*** to do with it. Still got 1950 style narrow border.

Brilliant statues Inka, wow envy creeping in

Glyn my new name is pink wheelbarrow!!

Very pretty Geoff - but all that watering, 



Sorry forkers ..... phone calls....lovely photos of peoples gardens etc...many thanks ....oh and apologies to Rambling Rose and Penine Petal for not say a warm hello.....back sometime soonish....byeee

Pennine Petal

Perhaps, if I say Petit Chou instead, it sound's so much prettier!

Bjay, do you need a little blue wheel barrow to go next to it now, a bit like Max Bygraves and his toothbrushes?



Cabbage reminds me of Crackerjack-am I showing my age ?

Pennine Petal

It's Friday, it's 5 o'clock and it's Crackerjack!