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We have stacks of those as well Glyn and films-never going to watch them again

Have you changed your avatar again -or am I late?

Pennine Petal
I think it is the one I had before Christmas. It is a rose my SD gave me, bought it cheap bare root in M&S and passed it on as she had no room for it. I stuck it in a tub and it produced this one flower. Beautiful form and heavenly scent.

Now is the time to get rid of them!

Looks like there is a Cambridge mafia starting. Jean and Jo, we could have a Lancashire mafia ...... Budlia could be in too. Perhaps we could become guerrilla gardeners and plant golden rod!

And I am stuck down here all on my lonesome with a station gardener

Pennine Petal
And when you go to Valencia ........ You may find an established Valencia gardening mafia.


One of the participants in that programme last night was in Valencia-just as a buyer came to view the home -they had hailstones the size of marbles and the electricity cut out

Aren't you supposed to be marking?



Don't know where to start....

Kate Broxbourne Primary School with the little tower that you can see from the train!

As for Cambridge Mafia ..... don't think so....are you disappointed?

Oh heck I really must plant/sow that garlic of mine .....keep forgetting .


Back again.

All the remaining tatty herbaceous cut back, all the old hellebore leaves removed & I dont think I stood on any babies nor too many bulbs....lots of birdsong.

OH back, been fed, daughter resting before night duty later, but I could hear her pc, oh & now here she is.....J.


Looks like she's not resting then Jo!

Had lunch - be good to yourself soup - spicy tomato and lentil - and a slice of thickly buttered toast!

Have a box of old videos in the car boot - on their way to the charity shop or tip - but they've been there a couple of weeks at least!



As long as the banging has stopped

Must go in the loft could be up there for days-been saying that for days/weeks/months /years


Broxbourne Primary is one of the loveliest schools I have visited, the pupils were so polite and helpful. 

Flo pupils love it when I am late but I will try the manure excuse.

I have been out in the garden turning my compost and  I have had to move a clematis that is in the way of impending shed repairs. I do not know if it will survive but it would never have survived men treading all over it.

Valencia has a very established mafia


Typical, OH got his choice on TV, & is now snoring in the chair!

Am going to tie up the tree box next, then it can go upstairs at least, so I can get understairs for ironing board & iron. That's tonights' job.

Have told OH we're buying a new Christmas tree tomorrow. Then on Sunday he can use his new bits for camera down at Dunham. Weather due to be ok, so will leave going to the pics until a wet w/end. I need to try & keep him out of house as much as poss when daughter asleep. He doesnt understand about being quiet.... Only a few more of those shifts to 'endure'. Daughter isnt the only one who'll be pleased! J.


Kate was it cold outside?- it got a bit chilly here

Has the building work finally finished?

Jo you could use that tape for something else-and that box-no-one will ever know-till they go under the stairs


It has been a lovely day here, building work does appear to be finished, it does look nice but I noticed he was wearing a coat to work in his office, not sure how well he thought this through.


If I had an office at the end of the garden-would never get dressed



Treebox wont fit under the stairs! It will get put back up into loft, along with the new one- assuming we get one ok. OH asked why daughter would need the old one- well she quite happy about it as saves her buying one!

I'm killing time before need to go & do something exciting with some salmon steaks......J.




OH took a photo of me with it Took it round next door and they filled it with logs from their apple tree, and they filled theirs as well. thats a start on the logs for winter 2013.

Been in garden nearly all day, cleared brassica bed, raked up some leaves where I think I will have to put raspberries. Found an incredilbly long, thick, multiple layered root of bindweed and some baby brambles Cleared area only anout 45cm x 1m dug it over dodging a plant I put in a while ago after being rescued. Tomorrow will add compost and manure aand maybe even plants!

Next door came and cut down nasty, spiky thing I think its from a tree next door other side cut down and it sends up these rapidlt growing suckers from its roots

Robinia I think

I'm not close enough for a mafia group, oh there's Gary in Warwick and someone in Monmouth - apologies to that someone can't remember who


Bjay, didnt think Robina was spikey? Any chance of a pic? J.


Have just had my 6th/7 th cold telephone call today -must be back in the loop again

He is a suggestion Jo for the salmon-might stop the snoring



This was a huge tree that was out of controll, like most gardens in the close. It has yellowy flowers p photo tomorrow if I remember


Oh, Bjay! Such fun!! Hope it didn't get scratched
I totally sympathise about a day in the garden yielding a clear plot of half a square metre (nearly) That's what usually happens to me


Sounds as if me telling cold callers that you couldn't wait to hear from them has worked, then   I haven't had one for weeks now.