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Ooo Becks. not nice! I gave up on kitchen blinds/curtains etc as they get so greasy and grotty. But I am lucky enough to live in a cul de sac behind a hedge. Have just notice how grimy the bathroom blinds are, better get those down to wash

Bjay, I'm alarmed to hear that your peaceful days have gone out the window. I'd better make the most of mine while OH still out earning a crust


Rosa, What a lovely idea. your Mum will love it.

I'm having a bit of a do myself on 26th January, birthday, not saying how old going to local pub, well next village, for get together with family and friends, then back to ours for puds, cheese and biscuits and drinks. Thought it would make a nice evening.

You are on the same wavelength as me regarding puds. I'm making lemon cheesecake, individual chocolate mousse, and maybe Italian trifle, all can be made the day before and all are yummy.

Becks, hope you haven't hurt yourself, there's always something to sort out



Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! Winging it's way as we speak! Check ya locker!,1282046004,2/stock-photo-attractive-glamorous-woman-worker-in-pink-hard-hat-59204080.jpg



When we had our first flat-had a chip pan fire -stuck it in the sink turned the tap on-to watch the kitchen curtains go up in flames

Don't think I could have got anything so wrong

Lets all guess Chris's age -(apostrophe ruling needed)

Old enough to go in pubs -old enough to have a daughter

Pennine Petal
How about bread and butter pudding made with panettone which will now be on sale in the supermarkets?

I now have conjunctivitis! I hate eye drops, am very squeamish about eyes.


Miss Becks

No damage to me Jean/Chris, apart from a little bump on my bonce, but don't think they are going to re-fitted. Bloomin things. Only had them because they were free.

I know what you mean Flo. I used these as the kitchen is the only room in the house where I smoke, and thought curtains/nets would soon turn whiffy and yellow. Can now see how grotty the glass is.

Dean, I really hope you are sending the tools?? The blonde bint really is no use to me!

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Beck's!  Need to pick your brain's! This being a family affair laptop thingy! I don't know what someone as done! I Really must invest in my own! But have this bling thing which interferes with images! How do I get shut? 


What bling thing Dean-can you be a bit more specific?

Jean Genie

Oh. Glyn, you are in the wars . That's not nice.

Dean. Bjay will want that saw - it'll match her wheelbarrow

Geoff, I'm saying nothing.

Think I'll run a cleaner through here.  Daughter was on looking for purple microwaves and I keep getting Sainsburys ads now,

Miss Becks

Yeah. Bling Thing really doesn't ring a bell.


Jo is going to streak through your house Jean-crikey-can you take pictures????-pleeeeeze

Recalls that episode of Friends Glyn when one of them would not "do" eye drops


Chris - same weekend for here, 

I've just found a cheesecake on Good Food that is made in a loaf tin - easy to serve and slice. Will look more closely later, thing is I have this, well, reputation in family/close friends about a good spread and am out of practice!!

I have a shower curtain at window in bathroom, cut down to window size. Didn't like blind and shower curtains are designed to let light in and dry quickly. Nothing at kitchen windows for same reason, they get very yukky

Panettone bread and butter pud sounds good will have to plan for oven room first though, but I do have 2 ovens

Really I need to get a menu sorted.


Deanos Diggin It

Every image now as a search bar in the top right hand corner saying search bling for related images! n when ya click an image! say if you guys posted one! it don't display that intended image! But related ones! If that makes sense?



Bing or Bling Dean ??

At the moment-nuffin makes sense !!

Miss Becks

What browser do you use? Firefox, IE or Google Chrome?

Dare I ask if you know how to take a screen shot?


Deanos Diggin It

Bing! n Chrome! 

Really, Really thinking it is time for this machine "Go's sleep with the fishes" 


I have to have a kitchen blind. Kitchen at front of house next to front door, visible from road & sometimes the alleyway next door- but not now my Escallonia has thickened up nicely!  Did inherit a roller blind- noooo, pulled up & all visible. So have venetian which allows room for plants on sill!

Mistake was to insist we got one of those wooden ones couple yrs ago. Yes very stylish, coulour great with floor covering, but sooooo heavy, plus part broken wotsit, so cant raise it unaided to either water plants properly nor clean the window. I used to do a monthly kitchen blitz involving cleaning prevous v.blind & no idea when the window last got done inside. One good thing about the wooden type blind is that it doesnt seem to get as dirty, or perhaps I dont look any more......

Poor Becks, they weigh a bit too.

Right, curry awaits. J.

Miss Becks

Can you do a screen shot Dean?


Dean so you are using Chrome browser with Bing search engine is that it?

Calm down and explain slowly-so we can understand

Can you switch to Google search engine ?

Deanos Diggin It

J! We have curry awaiting too!  Love the stuff!......Would live on it if I could!