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sotongeoff wrote (see)


I have been told to sow tomatoes in January to grow outside

Keep bulbs till after Christmas -because planting them before then is immaterial- and it has been raining- who could have forseen that?

Not happy 

Some people just have to find out for themselves! When they have more experience, they'll turn into you

Oh, and Chris's is right in my book because it sounds like 'Chris is' so needs the apostrophe s. Didn't we have this a little while ago? or was that another message board somewhere?


Hi Inka. It's not much better here weatherwise, been a damp misty day, with hardly any sun. Hope you enjoy Downton, We are going to watch Ripper Street, its a bit bloody and a tad on the adult side, but I think it's good.

I am going to get my pudding now, was too full after main course, had to have a rest. Just been looking for hotel in Chartres France for overnight stop when on holiday in May, surprising how many are booked up when we want to stay.

I'm on Firefox, but I have had trouble signing on to various sites, so go back to internet explorer when it's playing up, I don't really understand all the technical stuff, so leave well alone until daughters partner visits then he can usually put it right..



Inka I to hope you enjoy Downton with a bottle of wine sounds good to me. Ripper Street later here, will also watch. Found it gory but want to see more. Don't usually go for blood and gore! but liked what i saw last week.

Having root pie with salmon tonight, with OH's attempt at french bread.

He had a Paul Hollywood book for Christmas and some baguette shaper things from Lakeland! Hope it will all be less stressful than his lasy forage into bread making

Miss Becks

Bjay. At least you'll never go hungry!

Inka, enjoy downton, hope we haven't put any spoilers on here! Don't think we did.
Manservant has been good (and boyservant). Have been brought hot blackcurrant and drugs and tea and toasted muffins.
Countryfile on now.


Miss Becks

Aaw Lottie. Good to hear. Is grandad on the mend now?


Flo that was over Jessss'erssssss birthday party-not sure how that was resolved-Caz came up with the solution

Have had cold turkey

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Flo that was over Jessss'erssssss birthday party-not sure how that was resolved-Caz came up with the solution

You can always trust a teacher


Still need to know what String Theory is though-

Miss, Miss, Miss,-Geoff puts hand up -wot is string theery ?


Thanks, folks, for not spoiling Downton--you have been very good. May not drink the whole bottle---but we'll see. TV has been so dismal lately--thank goodness for the library!


Just seen Countryfile forecast-an ever so slight hint of snow next weekend or soon after-all a bit vague at the moment


Isn't String Theory that you never know how long it is? Why not ask Prof. B. Cox, I tend to be better on apostrophes and how to spell practice. Or practise.

Pennine Petal
Evening, just watching Antiques Roadshow through one eye. Fed up. Don't remember that episode of Friends, I am hoping it will just go away.

The day didn't get any bettere here, stayed in all day, none of my gardening jobs done. Oh well, tomorrow is another day ...


Glyn- you sound so down- hope you have a better day tomorrow


Poor Glyn    Presumably you can't go to work with conjunctivitis?  My illness of choice when I worked was laryngitis because on the two occasions I had it I felt fine, just couldn't talk. I went to the doctor about it the first time and he said you're OK to work just rest your voice. I whispered that that is not an option for teachers!!



I hope tomorro that everyone is feeling a little better tomorrow. Conjunctivitis is sooo uncomfortable. Lottie sounds as if she is being well looked after.

Just watched Ripper. Hmm. Will now watch some rubbish for a while to take the images out of my head before bed.




That is me done too-it's been a funny day Granville



Into the arms of Nurse Gladys, is it Geoff? Enjoy


MorningI hope everyone is feeling better- I have been reading the posts but am not feeling very chatty at the moment

Have a lovely day !

Pam LL x

Jean Genie

Morning all   I think you get days like that Pam. I think some of us have the January blues or is it seasonal affective disorder.?

I too hope everyone is feeling better and brighter today. There are so many bugs about at the moment.  I think January is a horrid month but not long until Spring and we will all be happy and busy again.

I watched Ripper Street last night but think it will be the last one. A bit gruesome for me and I made the mistake of having an early night after watching it.

Took me a while to drop off.

Have a good day everyone