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Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Cool tip for parents on Sky News: if you have kids and hear ice-cream van chimes, tell the kids that they sound the chimes to tell people that the van has run out of ice-cream.

Also this morning's front page headline in the Mirror (3 Weeks of Snow):

From the Independent (Brace Yourselves):

The Express front page (predictable): Snow to Criple Britain.

Have been waiting for the opportunity to use my leaf blower to clear some snow.

Just been out to feed the birds, and it didn't seem too bad outside. It's misty, so no sign of sun. A cold day ahead (but dry and above freezing).

Jean Genie

Morning all.  No fog today but a bit on the chilly side.

I've been reading about this cold snap that's coming. Quite interesting. It's caused by a rare phenomenon called SSW - Sudden stratospheric warming.

I have no idea whether or not this will work . It's supposed to be a short video explaining what happens.

Lets see.


Jean Genie

Ha - it did.  Well . I'm impressed with myself. You do all realise there will be a whole host of odd and mundane videos appearing on here now from me.

Have a good day everyone.

Gary Hobson

Coming up on Sky News shortly... Paul Mckenna (the hypnotist) telling people how they can lose weight, just by thinking.

Actually plugging his new book, which makes people believe they have a gastric band...

He seems to believe that if a person really believes that they have a gastric band fitted, then they lose their appetite. Simples. Quote from interview "This will save the NHS millions".

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

It's cold and dull, but I suppose you all know that. Nothing going on yet.



Morning from East Dorset. No weather here so far today.

Gary, my sister claims she always told her boys that the ice-cream van chimes meant it has run out. They will probably be telling the same to their children come the summer!

Spotted the snowdrops pushing up on dog no. 2's grave, also two robins side by side on a branch so nature is thinking about Spring  

Miss Becks

I'm thinking about Summer Flo, but it aint getting me very far!!


"Tom Tobler, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, said: 'It will be freezing in some areas this week but could get slightly colder if the skies are clearer than forecast.

'This would be a return to more typical January temperatures than the milder weather we've been having. There is the potential next week for some colder weather."  (from the Independent) 

So we're going to get some more typical January weather - and the newspapers are promulgating panic?: "

The Met Office website says 

(click on UK forecast days 6 - 30)

what else do we expect in January?


Gary Hobson

This from The Telegraph...

"Matthew Oates, a naturalist with the National Trust, said it was normal for nature to spring into life as soon as the weather warms up. However it is a “high risk” strategy as it uses up energy when the weather could turn cold again. He said that the birds really need to “calm down “ to stop them nesting too early and getting caught out. We really need a cold snap to calm this lot down, otherwise they will get overexcited and it will all end in tears"


Calling all shipping

The ice cream chime thing is an old joke-but can't remember where I heard it first-I have mentioned before the old Morecambe and Wise clip

So last Sunday's prediction on Countryfile weather looks like it is coming true-proves the point I have been banging on about about starting stuff to early-so yahboo  and sucks to those doubters

Expect endless clips of snowbound vehicles,school closures, Britain grinds to a halt etc-the usual annual celebration of media frenzy

Still slobbing


Geoff - well done you   Perhaps there should be a 'smug' smiley for occasions like this

Gary Hobson

Feeding birds in sub-zero temperatures is not compatible with full slobbing.

You really do need to put something on, at least trousers, to avoid frost bite.


Have read this morning on the Daily Mail Online (and therefore it must be true) that the Met office are now saying global warming doesn't exist, or something. Well call me cynical but I always doubted it anyway. It seems there have always been temperature fluctuations over time.

As for the snow, BBC weather site says there won't be any and the other site says there will. So am none the wiser!

Inka, glad you enjoyed Downton! And I hope the road gets mended soon - doesn't sound fun trying to negotiate that with shopping.

Dove, nothing wrong in selling the story if it helps them recoup some of what they've lost.

Becks, I like your optimism, and your mini BBQ!


Morning All.

Nice morning here after misty start.

Not a lot planned today, just a bit of shopping, just the essentials, and OH finishing the decorating. Can't wait to get sorted out and back to normal.

We usually get frost, snow in various amounts in January, it's how it should be in winter. The media always treat it as something out of the ordinary.

Have a nice day.



I can now report- I am dressed



Morning all

Amazingly not stiff or achey after exertions yesterday.  Just walked around 'estate' and nothings died overnight!

Pleased I planted garlic before the cold weather hits. Was a frost late last night when I took dog for a widdle but not sign of it (frost) this morning. Just murky.

Why so may weather stories. IT is January, we should have snow in January/February! Heavy snow and blizzards - now that would be a story!

No gardening planned for today, May plant onion seeds later - I have a heated propagator


So long as there's enough snow to stop me going to work - and not just a pathetic little bit thats barely enough for a snowball, but enough to cause traffic chaos!

And yes you're right Bjay - we've had snow the last 3 winters so what's the big deal? 


This is the vital point -there has got to be enough to make a journey unsafe for our working mates-shall be praying for supreme intervention for you Lottie

Chris -how much longer is the decorating going to take?


Geoff. The decorating should be finished today, yippee, It's not a very big room but it's awkward when you have to keep shifting furniture..

Then in early February we are going to do our bedroom, oh joy. Having a break in between, and we are going away for 3 days to Stratford upon Avon. Might even take in a bit of culture and visit  the Royal Shakespeare Theatre depending on the production.

Like to get the boring jobs done in the winter so that when spring eventually arrives we are ready to get on with the garden