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Jonathon Ross for me now-still recording Borgen-will watch a bit of that in the morning


Am I the only one who like "Take me Out " on the telly? OH is still in England seeing relations, I came home for my horses as I don't know how long local farmer was willing to dole out hay. OH won't watch "Take me Out".Thinks it's silly. It makes me smile.

You don't need to keep pickles in the fridge, the vinegar preserves them. I don't keep home-made jam in the fridge either, the sugar preserves that. They were invented as a way to keep food before fridges were invented. My Granny had a meat-safe in the garden instead of a fridge, but I don't think I'd trust it for meat.


Morning Forkers, hope you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 

Strange in Cambridge we had no rain at all fact in the afternoon it turned out to be quite sunny and nice.

I find BBC4 has interesting programmes to watch which I did last night. Fascinating one about saving tigers in India/Bhutan which was a cliff hanger so must remember to watch it again next week! Then 'Borgen' which I have decided I am going off. I know it is all about intrigues in the Danish government and very well acted but don't we have enough of our own government's etc intrigues?

Getting up soon to have the ritual cooked Sunday breakfast and then watch the Andrew Marr programme. Really must summon up some energy and plenty of clothes to do a bit of a tidy up in the garden as green bins on Tuesday!

Take care one and all and KEEP WARM 



Good morning -    This is a rare two-day weekend for me, as my daughter and son in law are visiting my elderly parents today (they don't often get a day off together at the moment, so it's very good of them to use it for visiting) .  I have plans to do a proper lamb Biriyani and some accompanying veg dishes for our meal this evening - this might take most of the day to prepare 

Who's doing the Andrew Marr programme?


Good morning everyone

We had a lovely evening with our Grandchildren

I keep eggs in the fridge Also any opened jars.

Just after christmas  I bought a  big piece of fillet beef  from Waitrose - they had way over ordered and were selling it at £9.99 a kilo  I want to have a go at making a Beef Wellington - never made one before - any tips please? I do have mushrooms.

Today I am going to work out what seeds and plants I still need to order

I hope everyone is well and warm - have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Jean Genie

Morning forkers.  We have a heavy frost here and the birds are out in force. Glad I've topped all their food up and bought some more mealworms.  I WON'T be keeping them in the fridge.

Sasha - I have seen that programme I think, and also the one on the snow leopards.

Dove, That sounds very tasty and I have eaten Beef Wellington , Pam, but never attempted to make it. My friend puts pate around the beef before encasing it in pastry.

Still trying to track down the Tacca plant. Found one but I'm not paying £45 !   I'll just keep looking. Sure I can find one cheaper somewhere.


Dove - just spent a while trying to find out about who is replacing Andrew Marr and it will be James Langdale (? spelling)

Oh yummy - still tasting the delicious cooked breakfast I have just polished off. All part of the 'losing weight' malarky! At least as far as Slimming World is concerned.

Have set myself the target of losing 4lbs by Saturday when I am off to London for the day - any bets?

Grey and gloomy here but hopefully it will pick up.

Bye for now and happy gardening if that is what you are planning to do 




Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Frosty last night. The bird water was frozen this morning, so had to take a kettle out. That will soon freeze too.

Watched 7 hours continuous telly last night and went to bed with square eyes. Began with 3 hours of Stargazing (repeat); then the tiger program (had seen that before, next week's is even better); then a program about the French Riviera; and finished with double Borgen.

Most interesting was the Riviera program. Before fast travel the French all holidayed in Normandy. The only people who visited the Riviera were Brits, escaping from the English Winter, and a few bohemian artists. The presenter spent some time talking about this painting titled "Luxe, calme et volupté". The title comes from a poem "An Invitation to the Voyage"...

One lady, at bottom left, has her clothes on. She's the tourist, who is being invited on the long voyage, to this paradise of hedonism.

Monet, who was a keen gardener, got his early gardening experience on the Riviera. We saw glimpses of a few lavish gardens that date from that time. All of the trees are evergreen, because they don't have a Winter. Plenty of material down there for Monty's forthcoming series.


Morning early forkers.

We had a light covering of snow more to come by the looks of it, weather coming straight from Siberia with lots of grey cloud. Will have  to fill bird bath with water, first time for weeks.

We started to watch World without End last night but gave up 10pm couldn't be bothered with it any longer, and watched the Italian programme recorded last week, with Georgio Locotelli and Andrew Graham-Dixon, more up my street.  Beautiful scenery and what looked like lovely food

We went to Monet's garden a few years ago, the whole place has a wonderful feel about it, worth a visit.

I have never tried Beef Wellington, but would like to!!! my OH doesn't like rare beef and I think you are supposed to eat it like that, will be interested to know how it turns out hope you enjoy it, Pam.   I keep my eggs in the garage, but I get them weekly direct from a smallholding and they are really fresh.

Have a good day what ever your doing.




I am going to try and make individual beef wellingtons - so I can cook mine a bit longer - will let you know how I get on


Pam LL x


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

It's crispy frosty white outside! Therm showing -2!

No major plans for today. haven't got to go out so will crack on sorting out bags and bags of years worth of paperwork! Must stop hoarding it!!



Best of luck with the paperwork Becks. I have got files and files of my M's paperwork going back years, but I daren't get rid of it just in case, so you have my sympathy, what to keep what to throw At least if it's a not very nice outside you will keep warm and feel sooo much better when you have finished

Just waiting for OH to shape himself, them we can have brekkie


Morning all.

Sunny and cold - I've got the thick woolly-pulli on.

I keeps eggs in the fridge if I get a backlog, open jars cos we don't eat up jam etc quick enough, bread and dead mice (snake food) in the freezer

Archers on, back later.

Miss Becks

That's the trouble though isn't it Chris, what to throw or keep?? I tend to keep everything. But then, when I need something, have to trawl through bags and bags to find it. I WILL get organised!


Pennine Petal
Morning all, cold with some cloud and some sun. Having a cuppa and listening to The Archers.

Becks, keep what is still relevant, keep the last 12 months of bills. Well, that's the theory, I have bags full.

Borgen is shaping up very nicely, watched them both last night.
Deanos Diggin It

Good Morning!

I too like you Chris have a stack of parents paperwork I really must sort, but as you say "daren't" 

Been beckoned by my recently deceased Buddies partner to assist in sorting their paperwork today, Mortgage, pensions, insurance etc which I shall do shortly once showered n shaved!

Ipad buying on the way back home, gone with Nola's way of thinking!

Any advise Becks? 


Quick visit just to say hello-must sort out muddy chicken pen-if I settle will not get up again

Catch you all later


Morning all.

Wasnt around yesterday, as after shopping- how much?!! -spent the rest of the time outside, well wrapped up & doing lots! Too shattered to even turn pc on afterwards.

My Dad's paperwork is still to be finally sorted. Non urgent stuff for me, daughter has all of that & has/is dealing with. Once daughter actually moves out....yay, shall have space to move things around to actually do my sort out. Trouble is it'll coincide with seed sowing etc etc, so can just see it all still sitting there... & as for ours.

Glorious sunshine out there, but well below freezing first thing. Daughter scraping car for ages before she could leave for work. OH is going back over the tops today! No point in risking a journey first thing tomorrow morning when he doesnt need to. J.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope you all have a bit of sunshine too. The forcast says we are the only region not to have snow tomorrow.

I'm going to give up keeping chickens. I went out yesterday afternoon to find a lot of feathers everywhere, one chicken missing and one dying. I've only got four left now. It's almost impossible to keep them safe. They are shut up now and I'll let them out when I go in the garden soon but then put them away when I go inside again. I was talking to a friend of my DIL and she said that they have a big electric fence around their  chicken run. The fox can't get in but it runs around outside and panics the chickens and they fly over the fence. I'm afraid the fox has won.