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Chris will watch that and give you a cyber wave

FloGoldFairy wrote (see)

A chair and a whip is my preference.

What sort of play is this?

Deanos Diggin It

Hi All! am home, safe n warm! Aaargh!!!! n plan to be for the next two day's! 

It's "My Weekend Orf" 

Busy!.....I no way endorse the eating of Horse Meat! 

 or the killing of animals! I am the one who catches spiders in glasses, open's the door n let's em free!

Kate!.....Ouch! regarding the knee! Hope all is well!

Really glad everybody is where they should be!

Hi to Flower bird, Lyn n Darren!

 Should have said that last night! Well to Flower n Lyn anyway! 

 Back Yard!

 About half an hour since!

Geoff! I am an Instructor/Trainer, does that not count? 



Is that really the time? Meal to sort out soon- fish goujons & lots of veggies. Icecream if daughter wants a pud..... No cake in house, we may have to have a baking session this w/end.

Have ordered my Tesco delivery for next week. Think should be fine timewise as may be going out for lunch that day. Have just remembered that daughter off, revising, so no problem.

The Amaryllis is almost out, it has 2 big flower spikes & a 3rd in between! Good value. Parkers GC (!) & I did pick the biggest bulb.

Right, cooking now. J.

Pennine Petal

Evening all, I'm home, thank goodness. Trip wasn't too bad, snow was starting to stick our side of the hill, but more cars up and down now so should get better. All shopping done, tucked up now for the weekend.

Hello Darren.

Chris, what is your soup recipe please, OH likes pea and ham soup.



Miss Becks

No jo, that's not really the time. We are in a time warp!



Snow finally stopped 

Is that a shark pool I see there Dean? Does the bridge collapse?  Protect Dean castle against all marauders


Hang in there, folks, the snow can't last forever. Doesn't take long for the novelty to wear off, does it?

Most of Canada is used to snow, of course, but here on the West Coast nobody has snow tires, and few know how to drive in it. Add to that the lack of sufficient snow-clearing equipment, and Vancouver and Victoria fare about as well as you do.



Yes Dean that counts- you are one of the teachers-but than do you dish out homework?

So is everybody now back in their nests?

Deanos Diggin It


But have the honour of dishing out certiticates! 

B'j! No sharks in that baby! Plenty of Coi! But the way it's going! Neighbours moving in with cat's! There numbers are deminishing! 

It shall get it's share of attention this year, once allotment done! 

It has fancy lights n everything, but got shelved with Ill parents! 

Right! Off to cook a chillie! Have been ordered! 


But Deano you said you ate horse meat and other meat. The animals have to be killed first to do that and now you say you don't endorse the killing of animals. I'm not a vegetarian but horses are special to me so I don't eat them.

I hope Kate's knee gets better quickly. Lovely dog photos.

I like the Michael Portillo railway programmes too. Just off to watch it.

Fish and chips tonight after several days of Thai and Chinese.


Chicken /cauliflower cheese will soon be served

Miss Becks

Just had omelette and chips. Very nice.

Caz W

Glad everyone is now safe at home and in the warm - hope the knee is OK Kate.  It has snowed all day but luckily not been sticking.  Has stopped now but what's there will freeze so will be staying put again tomorrow.  We are at the top of a cul-de-sac and our road is always the last to melt.  My mother is only about 6 miles away in the centre of Swansea and no snow there! 

Lovely pics of the doggies

Scampi & chips here   We're all on the comfort food tonight.

Miss Becks

Evening Caz! Sounds good to me! I'll have the leftovers.


Toad in the Hole, this summers beans, cauliflower and a bit of carrot - and onion gravy

Feel quite full 

Dog been going silly again in snow, he only went out for a wee and came in covered in snow

Went to a party once at a VERY rich blokes house. He had a glass floor in his conservatory with sharks swimming in the pool underneath. Weird




I have a big un-opened box of Maltesers staring at me- daring me..................

Caz W

Aaw poor Jess, she's not having the best time with this snow.  We can forget that snow can seem very deep if you've only got little legs .

Caz W

Go on Geoff - open the box!!!  A doctor on the One Show tonight said we can eat as much fat as we like in this cold weather as we need it to keep us warm .  How's that for a good excuse?

Miss Becks

Caz. At least she'll stop bugging me about playing in it now!


Well daughter was offered pancakes for her pud, but she declined! Still suffering after nights.

We may/may not walk, me wearing snow grippers on boots, to shops. See how we feel. OH says not much snow over there, but I bet in the middle is murder- Peak District!

Have put our garden/food waste wheely bin out for tomorrows' collection. Cant see there being a problem. Always wonder how the wagon drivers cope with all the cars parked everywhere around here on a Saturday morning.

Dean- lots of hard work gone on around your place. Well done & the allotment too.

Off to watch TV now. Stay warm. J.