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Miss Becks

Trouble is Hollie, you'll get used to it, and not want to go back!!

Jo, how is her house hunting going?


She's in the proccess of buying one Becks!

Surveys all ok for a 60+yr old house. Nice area, next to the most expensive, some work needed, but not too much. She's budgeted for that & what furniture is urgent ie bed! Grumbling about all the sales finishing, but she can wait for lots of things.J.



Miss Becks

Oh, great stuff!! So it could be soon then! Hope it all goes through ok. Is it in a chain, or can she move straight in?

hollie hock

Becks- there is always that, although at the moment it feels more like part time hours

Miss Becks

The upside of bad weather.



Morning all forkers. I am not happy. The heating has packed up at work, caused by a fault code on the boiler (a complicated one that nobody knows how to work!) I've called the engineer and he's going to be here in 24-48 hours!!!

Doesn't help that we had thick frost this morning, all the snow that was left is now compacted into ice.

I have a small plug in radiator in my office but its not enough. My hands are freezing. Going to go and get a mug of hot chocolate now.

hollie hock

That sounds very cold Lottiebeans, do you have to be there today?


Lottie, surely you don't have to stay at work below a certain temp? There are laws about this sort of thing



Back again

Hollie/ holly/ hols-nice to see you

This just spotted outside a Surrey office this morning



Morning all.

Jo, I remember my sister's jubilation when her younger son finally moved out and began to learn for himself what running a household is all about! He asked if he could move back home if it didn't work out. She said no and started redecorating and furnishing his room immediately
Now he's the tidiest and most houseproud member of the whole family!!


Trouble is I'm actually in the warmest part of the building - my office is upstairs. Colleagues downstairs are in colder areas than me so I can't really wimp out. I am not good at coping with cold - never have been!

I don't have a thermometer here and also don't know what the legal minimum temperature is.

Hot chocolate is nice though! 

FloLongTail wrote (see)

Morning all.

Jo, I remember my sister's jubilation when her younger son finally moved out and began to learn for himself what running a household is all about! He asked if he could move back home if it didn't work out. She said no and started redecorating and furnishing his room immediately
Now he's the tidiest and most houseproud member of the whole family!


I wish She'll soon find out Mum's not around to find the lost so n so!

No chain involved so all being well she'll be in there 30yrs after she moved here! I'm desparate to get into her bedroom to create space elsewhere! It doesnt need redecorating thank goodness, but the spare room may, once we can see what's what in there! Just a quick touch up though as we want to move sometime.

Flo's correct Lottie- minimum temps for offices/shops. Boss must provide adequate heating if he expexts you to continue working.

I've come in for a rest. Have swept & shovelled our front & the drivway down to gutter. Added a wee bit of salt to our main bit & hope that some of the sun gets to it later. Daughter's car blocking the sun at the mo, but have at least cleared enough for her to move it tomorrow without too much difficulty. Where she parks on the kerb is all clear.

Right, drink & snacktime now. Later will clean our bedroom window, once sun gone round & no plants/propagator on the sill. J.




Morning All.

Thawing a bit here as the sun is out

When our daughter moved out we stripped the room completely, all the furniture, the lot went and we made it into a snug/office, it is now used more than the main living room. Oh has his music centre and small tv, I have my computer, and it is lovely and warm. She did come home for 6 months when her marriage broke up, but she had to have the spare room.I don't think any of them realise what is involved in having your own place until they move out, it's quite a shock.

Geoff, on the subject of estate agents we had the same problem, lack of communication, in the end I did all the viewings myself, whenever possible, but they still want their 2% or whatever when it's sold.

Just seen a wren skating on the pond, looking under the marginal plants for something to eat, poor little thing, I don't suppose there is much about for them, makes you wonder how they survive.

Out this evening for a meal at the pub in the next village, heard it does a good steak

Have a good day folks.



Its not too bad now as the electric plug in radiator is putting out quite a bit of heat - just need to keep the doors shut! I've put my foot warmer on as well. And I realised I have no right to complain when son no. 1 works in a garage and they are open to the elements! He wears a couple of layers of thermals then other clothes on top.

Jo, what is today's snack? Are you sharing?  


Morning all

You have been chatty this morning.

Lottie - I feel for you, lets hope engineer coes sooner rather than later.

Jo why doesn't your daighter have the stuff in her room so you really can start anew. That's what my daughter did. Saved her some money and gave us a fresh start. She can then replace as and when she needs.

Geoff - estate agents 

Been to WW 

Been to hospital a repeat of last week? no. Hardly had to wait at all. saw the consultant, He stuck another needle in foot  (ouch) - achilles tendon. Mustn't put pressure on it for 4 weeks, see him again in 10 weeks which makes it April (spring) 

Now sitting with foot up and lap top precariously balanced on my lap

I am very wary of snow and especially ice as it was a slip on ice and snow that started this problem.


Recipe as promised for Pea and Ham soup.

Sorry I've only just remembered,  I think it was Glyn who wanted it.

1 ham/bacon hock/shank, soaked for a few hours in cold water to remove excess salt..

2 medium or 1 large onion chopped,

2 sticks celery, chopped optional.I think it gives more flavour.

2 medium potatoes, diced small or grated, or some left over mash.( helps to thicken soup).

I packet of dried peas, soaked or frozen mushy peas, ( saves time) use as many as you like, the more you use the thicker the soup.

Bring hock to boil in enough water to cover, discard water when it has boiled, cover with fresh water and simmer until cooked, maybe a couple of hours, or use pressure cooker. Remove hock and shred meat, as much as you like, you will probably no need it all, but you can make sandwiches of any left overs  Put rest of ingredients in pan and cook until tender, add shredded meat, and season with pepper only. I think you will find it is salty enough.




Todays' snack- plenty to go around but may not be to everyones' taste

M&S cheese & onion rolls, from freezer, heated up in Remoska. Salad leaves, roasted peppers, from a jar- woops how long in back of cupboard- remains of olives & feta cheese bits, from supermarket tub & warmed crusty bread.......

Coffee & applecake with icecream or neat to follow, or yoghurt & fruit for me. Ooh beeper, byee... J.