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Hard luck Geoff. They started around here at 8am I think, but cant remember when they finished.

I noticed that any building work being done in Austria started at 7.30am on the dot! I was usually partway around a lake, pretty cold, hungry & fed up. OH was usuallyu diving into shrubs clutching his new camera asking 'is this where such & such a shot was taken?' How the dickens was I meant to know, or care , but did point out that small trees get bigger over 8yrs.......... Lots of new seats around, so when we could avoid the flooding, I was often just sat, waiting..... J.


My eldest son spent 6 years in Oxford as well Jo, we enjoy looking at the sights we know on Lewis. He walked across a set of a Peter Postlethwaite movie once. He said he needed to go thru the door they were filming by

What's MM?

I spend time trying to remember actor names as well. and much prefer Lewis as a 2 hour prog. Have you seen on another thread that Beeb have already taken off iplayer letter 'B' of the A-Z

Here you are gold marmite  and the teapot 

 and a pair of dirty socks


MM is Doddy is WH -Jo will know


Midsummer Murders? John Nettles- Bergerac.....

Cor Bjay. I dont know that I'd want tea out of the teapot though- Marmite flavoured tea would keep going through my mind. A Marmite drink, now that's another matter

Veg sausage casserole nearly done- yummy & should be some for a snack lunch tomorrow. Hospital in afternoon then meal out & it's daughter's turn to pay! J.

Pennine Petal
Evening all, don't have time to catch up with the day's chat. Just got in, need to decide what to take and pack. Took me ages to get to work today, lots of traffic. But driving down into Hudds thru the wooded area was like a winter wonderland. Pavements were sheets of ice.

Whatever I haven't done or not got will have to wait now.

Geoff, what's been the main topics of conversation today then?



Glyn-you have made it home

Today we have had estate agent cock ups


Witch hazel -which to use for cures


Children leaving home -but boomeranging back

Walking /driving in snow

Lottie's shivering in work

Big goldfish and big tanks

Oh and Chris has left a soup recipe


Hello, Freerange Forkers----glad to see you are still coping with the white stuff by getting out and about. Love the Snowbarb! Still have ghost ships moaning eerily in the foggy Pass, but supposed to rain tonight. Woke to the sweet sound of heavy machinery on my hill--they had to fix it before it rains, I'm guessing.

Weigh-in day--have lost some, so it's all good. And have done a temporary fix on the garden gate--think I will build a new one, and see how creative I can get with it.


Good precis Geoff.

Have been & swopped into a warmer cardi as my L elbow is really aching. That usually heralds warmer weather, but not going colder as it is outside at the mo. Oh, hang on who used L arm when cleaning windows etc?

Need to add to Tesco now.

Hope that you have a good journey Glyn. J.


I also like to watch Lewis in one big chunk, much easier to guess who dunnit.

I would like the teapot to add to my collection

I have had car troubles today, somehow I have managed to drain the water out of my car, so after 10 minutes of warming it up it started to smell of burning, I had to get OH to take me to work, then he kindly fixed my car. I will be glad when January is over.


Kate you have made it home too

Proper day tomorrow?


That is the current plan, hope it is not too icy tomorrow

Miss Becks
Geoff, look up item number 2211 8040 7075 on eBay and post the link for me. Can't from my phone. It's an unassembled 6 ft snowman for sale!!!
Pennine Petal
Thank you Geoff , wide and varied subjects as usual.

We should all complain about Lewis. We are going to record it so we can do it all at once.

Is it the pea and ham soup, will have to look back.

Thank you Jo.

Becks I wonder if I could sell mine for that much



Glyn -bottom of page 917



Hello, just read it all. Love the photo of the witch hazel with the sun on the flowers. My mother always had a bottle of the antiseptic when I was a child, I loved the smell.

Harder to chuck children out in France. When the OH dies that part goes to the children, unless they've done a will when it's divided between children and spouse. Spouse usually has right to live in house but not keep all the money if it's sold, shared with children. However, the law has changed in the last few years, (since my 1st OH died) so not sure any more.

Estate agents here charge about 7%. The buyer pays. There's notaire (like solicitor) and taxes  - about another 7%. House prices are a lot cheaper though. Estate agents here don't try very hard compared with English ones.

Miss Becks
Ha ha ha! Give it a go Kate!!
Caz W

How about this snow zombie Becks?