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Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Hope all goes well with your first delivery Gary! And that you looked online for an offer/discount for being a first time shopper before you ordered!

It did snow more here last night, but not enough to really make a difference.


Have surfaced

The stink bomb yesterday came from France

It smelt a bit like spilt diesel-so does Alfie smell like that?

The thumping is relentless again-perhaps I can start an exercise class to the rhythm-Lord Sugar would be so proud of my enterprising thought

Never considered an on-line shop but as I live in supermarket heaven there is no need

Flo I trust we will get a full review in the morning ?

Snow virtually gone-no frost, a little less cold-wet windy for Sunday 10C

Miss Becks

Geoff, I would love to see you in a leotard and leg warmers, working out!!


Here is one I made earlier

Miss Becks

Why on earth would anybody do that!!!!!!


Morning fellow forkers, the saga of the roof goes on. House insurance wont pay a penny towards it. At the mo the total is about £5000. Bl........ h. Still waiting for another quote but cant imagine it will be much different. No holiday this year.

On a lighter note my lovely daughter got another A on her last asignment, Proud mummy alert At the moment she is trying to sort out a work placement for the summer. So far the theatre list is up to 20. so she could go anywhere in the country.

Have a lovely day my friends im off to get the dustbins in. My life is just full of excitement


It seemed like a good idea at the time-there was nearly a wardrobe malfunction and the the family jewels got an airing

Miss Becks

Don't look like jewels to me! More like costume jewelery!

Oh Maud! That is awful about the roof. Good about your daughter though!

Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Hope that you looked online for an offer/discount for being a first time shopper before you ordered!

Actually, I did have a coupon, but it had to be used before Christmas.


£5000 sounds a lot Maud-is it a whole new roof?-there just may be a grant available somewhere?



Good morning all.

Pleased I'd had my breakfast Geoff. Didn't get up very early this morning, was warm and comfy so had a nice cuppa and read the paper in bed.

Maud, how awful, must be a worry, it's a lot of money to put it right

We don't shop for groceries on line. Our young neighbour opposite does, she often has hers delivered on Sunday evening about 9 o'clock, makes a terrific racket but I expect its cheaper then?

I'm going to venture out today, if I don't have some fresh air I think I will go mad, fed up with being indoors. The pavements are clearish now so it should be okay.

Hope Glyn has a wonderful trip

Have a good day folks.



morning all

Snowed heavily overnight, still little bits coming down now but not as fluffy. Difficult to see areas that have been cleared and igloo looks realy good with a fresh coating of snow,

Foot not so painful today so far but not really been standing on it

Was going to buy M some treats today before the big cook-in starts but have decided not to because if I even slip could end up with a ruptured tendon so Doc said yesterday

Have gingerly topped up bird feedersand their water 

I saw that about a bad smell a well! We would probably have blamed it on dog as well.

When foot was first damaged used internet shopping. Should have done it for 'do 'but haven't. Usd Sainsbury's and found them fine.

Miss Becks

Ah well, Gary, never mind, although it's not too late to go back and ammend your order if you find one.


Rotten news about the roof. Just hope we dont get any trouble with ours.

Have been nagging heating company! Told bloke who was supposed to phone back on Monday, & didnt, that we have answer phone & to leave a message if no reply. Gave him the dates would like, so over to him.  Got through initially to same lady who obviously was going to/gave him a rocket- you just knew that when I said he hadnt called back!

Tesco came in middle of slot time. Majority of stuff put away. I always have 'in bags' & a good job today as one bottle of cleaning stuff was just leaking from top a bit. If no bags, that would've been everywhere. One delivery in past a glass bottle of oil had broken & you can imagine the mess over my shopping & others too, by drivers comments. That time I got onto Tesco & got quite a refund/discount etc! They dont want to lose custom.

Bjay take care with that foot. J.

Gary Hobson

Couldn't see any discounts for first time shoppers. I guess that ,just at the moment, there might be a bit of strain on the system, so there's no incentive for them to pull in extra new customers. We haven't had our dustbins emptied yet this week.

I opted for bags. I guessed that made it simpler and quicker for them to hand the stuff over.

Roads are clear now, so I could almost have gone in the car. But this is convenient way of doing things, so it will be intetesting to see how it goes. I might just be tempted to do it regularly. Shopping is the main thing I use the car for, and I always seem to be paying a fortune at the petrol pump.



I thought of you this morning Jo-my free app of the day was a chore organiser-you list all your chores and it reminds you-needless to say I didn't bother

The Sparklers-the everyday story of boiler folk

The Karchers-the everyday story of pressure washers

Miss Becks

I've just gone on Asda to do mine, and they are full round here until Saturday!! Good job I have stuff in. Will wait until next week now, and get odds and sods from Co-Op.


I've noticed recently that the slots arent filling up as quickly these days. I could have swopped todays' last night, but didnt want to. Yes the later times in evenings are cheaper, but the thought of sorting all that out then, nooo thank you.

Need to decide on lunch soon. With eating out tonight yay! it'll be a wee bit later than normal, so lunch should be delayed a bit, but somehow dont think so. J.


Jo it sounds like you will need lunch and then a little 'afternoon tea' to tide you over until your meal this evening!

So far the gas/boiler engineer hasn't shown up. I'm ok with my thick cardi on but my feet are starting to freeze. Time to get out my foot-warmer! It may look silly but it does the job!

I don't do online shopping as I buy reduced stuff a lot of the time - and we have 3 supermarkets to choose from. Got lots of cheap cakes in Morrisons on the way home last night

Miss Becks

That's my way of thinking Lottie when I take Jess to nursery! I may look silly with my wooly hat on, but it keeps me warm!