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I wonder if I can get a very long cable to plug in over here?

Miss Becks

Hmmm, given me something to think about there Sue. Thankyou!


Geoff I am sure that when you get there someone will help you


You better get to bed young lady- you have school in the morning


Hi,all- thanks for the words of encouragement. Have not tried electric ciggies-not available here. I am on the patch, because it's free--the provincial gov't supplies them through their quit smoking program. I am down to 3 a day--have been for a couple of weeks. My goal was to cut down--and I have--drastically.

Raining here, and will be for the forseeable future. Had a short walk this morning, and chopped wood for 1/2 hour.

One small glass of wine with dinner--but I put ice in it to make it bigger! Only 1 week on WeightWatchers, but it's working! I am down 12 pounds since November-was doing lo-carb before last week.



I had better do as I am told Nite.

Miss Becks

Night Geoff. That's me done for the evening as well.

Goodnight lovelies!

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

No more snow, lots on the ground, and still cold. But the end is in sight.

Looking forward to receiving my Tesco hamper this morning. Am hoping they'll include lots of complimentary goodies for first-time customer.

On Sky News this morning - a report about a school teacher who was sacked for pruning a buddlea bush, without a health and safety assessment.

Although she did pick up £70,000 for her efforts, as a court judged she had been unfairly dismissed. So it might be worth taking the risk.

Jean Genie

Morning all and hello Bunny and Sue,  No snow here either, Gary but we have a dreadful forecast for Friday - snow wind rain and sleet . Think they are keeping their options open.

Hope you get some good freebies.

Caught up with most of posts and decided I want a footwarmer. Went to friends for lunch yesterday but feet were still cold from hairdressers - it was b freezing in that shop . Didn't warm up all day.

Got my catalogue from the Anglian bulb company with a lovely letter stating they would replace any bulbs that fail so had a good drool over products. Rather taken with the spider lillies. Will compile an order later. looking forward to the Taccas.

Off to docs soon . Going for my long awaited injection. Shall soon be a spring chicken again.


Morning all Forkers, especially the newcomers!

Jean you forgot the hail. Then you'll have the full compliment.

Footwarmer is a godsend in my office - don't care how silly it looks. I actually got mine off freecycle!

Geoff, I'm pretty sure you can still get Sky telly in Spain - although maybe not legally!! Will bring my fiesta round soon, there's a couple of things that need fixing.

Well done Inka - its probably all that wood chopping you do for exercise that's helped with the weight loss!

Had another dusting of snow overnight. It only settled on the cars though.

Bunny ...
Morning Lyon Greene , jean and lottiebeans

I'm jealous of your foot warmer I always have cold feet , 0degrees again this morning here another hour snow hike ahead . Looks like a mixed forecast for the weekend wonder which it will be ...

Halo peeps-I'm up- not dressed- but did the early morning trek

We are told mostly sunny and cold today-but sometime soon we are all going to die from wind,rain and floods-very little snow here now.

Glyn must still be floating about the atmosphere or poor lamb stuck in Dubai

Lottie I sent you a message

Right must go and get tarted up-estate agent coming at 1-need to look my best for the new photos

darren the gardener

morning all

after 3 days laid on sofa i thought i would get up and see what the world was up to i ennded up with a eventfull day on sunday got up to get coffeee fell a ambulance was calle d a+e was the answer well when i fell of bike that  morning i ripped all my crucil ligaments and some normaiol ones and chipped my cartridge could be six weeks of work and surgery doc says now in leg brace so cant bend leg waiting for snow and ice to thow so i can get out on crutches

hope every one is well



Oakley Witch

Darren, that wasn't worth gettin off the sofa then? How are you doing now? Push bikes are painful when we hit the ground 

darren the gardener

sam im sore bored and stuck in side like a prisoner i got crutches but cant go out becouse of ice and snow but hopfuly that will be gone at weekend i just want to get out


Darren poor you - sounds painful. Yes, definitely wait until the thaw before attempting to go out on crutches - the two do not mix!

Geoff, thanks - and remember to smile for the photos!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Gary, I'm excited for you!! What time is your delivery?

Darren, that is not good. Hope you have someone there to look after you.

Geoff, when we were in that villa in Spain last year, we had english TV. Don't know how, as I didn't watch it, or use it, but my mates husband always had it on. There were a couple of small black boxes by the TV, connected to it. 

Oakley Witch
darren lister wrote (see)

sam im sore bored and stuck in side like a prisoner i got crutches but cant go out becouse of ice and snow but hopfuly that will be gone at weekend i just want to get out

I know what you mean. I have ME and am back at hospital this week to get more X-Rays. I spent 2 years on crutches. Its no fun mate. I used to cycle 25-35 miles a day and ride my other bike for miles everyday. Not now though. My Other bike is getting sorted for the start of the season and the push bike is in the corner but hoping I can try again on it soon. Keep the chin up.