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Back again -and pretty as a picture

Thanks for that Becks-I am sure there is plenty of options available -I can see me having a Jodrell Bank size dish in the garden

Darren -that is a bugger-just lucky it didn't happen uion the height of the garden season-but I know that at this time of year work is scarce and you take what you can-hopefully the business will not suffer to much

Hello again Sam

Bunny ...
Hello Sam, Hello Darren

Geoff are you moving to Spain? , sorry if I'm way off the mark here.

Darren ouch hope you can get out and about soon.
Snow hike done , forests tracks now sheet ice thanks to gamekeeper merrily driving around , ice spikes required again and can't see any thaw happening yet.

Last few days of relaxing before work begins again , I may dig out gardening magazines and dream of flowers and colour ...bees , scents and vegetables to harvest.....that and baking today which will help the waistline .

Inkadog you have done well, ww does work I did it for a while , good luck .

Certainly am- as soon as possible this year

Bunny ...
Where to ? How nice . I have a friend in Barcelona and another friends parents in Estapona .


Bunny ...
Very nice . You will of course be having a housewarming when you arrive ????

Everybody on this forum is invited

Bunny ...
Lovely could do with some sunshine.
Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

What time is your delivery?

I booked the 10-11 slot.

By 11, nothing had happened. 

Then my phone rang. A robot from Tesco was speaking. In its computer voice it offered me sincere apologies , and gave a new ETA of 11.24.

The human came. They had everything I'd ordered. Though no complimentary bottle of champagne and box of chocolates. Overall I was very pleased. It does also save all the hassle of tramping round the shops. I'm tempted to do it again. I might just try Sainsburys, to see what they're like.

My sympathies to injured cyclists. I like to follow the cycling on telly (from my armchair). Even Bradley comes off his bike now and again. Skin and hard tarmac don't mix very well.

Miss Becks

Yay!! A convert! Cool gary. Must admit, that's one of the reasons I do it. Saves hassle of parking, picking, loading and unloading car, other shoppers! Glad you had a good experience. Better not try Asda then.


Just bring your own sombreros-not available in Tescos

Jean Genie

Am back. have had injection. Not pleasant but had to be done. Parking at docs was a challenge , very icy slope so nipped round the back and parked outside someones house.

Good luck with the viewing Geoff and sorry to hear about your accident, Darren. Have a cyber hug.

I won't be converted to online supermarket shopping - I enjoy having a good old rummage in the bargain bit.  

Have just got 2 new plants for my bottle garden from Wilkies and some more seeds . Can't wait to get planting. On the subject of the bottle garden , can I steralise grit in the micro?  Found half a bag that had been left outside but don't know what's been in it. Don't want to waste it.

Wonder how Bjays getting on with the switchover ?

Jean Genie

Oops, spelling again !  

I'll pass on that, Gary - just had my hair done.



Jean-I would be wary of putting grit in a microwave anything metally and -boom

Do what I do with fish gravel put in a bucket, hose in keep swishing about- grit will be clean

Jean Genie

Ok Geoff, thanks for that  Forgot I may have pebble-dashed the kitchen.

How did the viewing go ?

Miss Becks

Yes Jean, must admit, I miss that bit. I love a bargain.

I bet Bjay's waiting for her equipment.


He was just here taking more pictures-the first ones were no good-apparently the kitchen "looks busy"-agent talk for too much stuff on show

Caz W

Afternoon all from sunny Swansea

.  All snow gone but still feeling nippy outside.

Poor Darren - sounds awful. Big cyber hugs and hope we can all help with the boredom factor.  Geoff has some good jokes


Gary - glad delivery was all in order

.  If you decide to try Sainsburys they have an offer on for new customers at the moment - think it was £10 off if you spend £50.

Becks - show this to your bored goldfish to see if it will inspire them