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Coming up your way tomorrow.Becks Not doing the relative thing though - saw them yesterday

Miss Becks

Cool! You can pop in and bring the leftovers!


Oh joy-the car insurance renewal has arrived-comparison site here I come

There you are Becks-Bjay is bring supplies to the door -like Asda


-posted at the same time-this is catching


When I renewed mne Geoff Thefirm said why are you changing- said too expensive , they said if you had pgoned us we would have kept premium same. Worth knowing that If what I have typed makes sense


Miss Becks

I did that Bjay.

They sent my renewal, so I went on a comparison site, and the cheapest quote was with the same company I was actually with, so they just matched the cheapest price they had quoted on the comparison site.


I will keep checking cyber-locker for leftovers! Especially cake - have decided that's the only sort I can have at the moment if I'm to shift that extra half a stone that's crept on!

Glad it all went well, Bjay. Now you can relax and put your feet up.

Geoff, little sods is right, I'd read them the riot act. And I would have made them clean up as well, but when the mess was discovered we didn't know who was responsible at first.



I did all that last year -and they wouldn't match-did it in a roundabout way and ended up with the same company

Anyway Mrs Geoff is collecting Meerkats


Hi everyone.

Checking in after being absent for a couple of day. I haven't had time to catch up so hope I haven't missed anything of huge importance

I had a great party on Saturday night, lovely meal at pub, then everyone to our place, finally got to bed at 3.30. still trying to clear up, glasses put away and left over food. I have a piece of lemon cheesecake,some almond and pear tart, and a couple of individual trifles if anyone is interest. I don't know how Prince Harry does it, all that partying, but then he is a few decades younger than me.

Sorry Andy Murray lost, commiserations Geoff.

Please to hear Bjays do went well.

We can actually see the ground again, and it feels almost warm today. Been hanging out washing in the hope it might dry a bit, had extra bedding as a friend stayed with us Saturday night.

Catch you all later.



Hi Chris-nothing much has happened-there are some pictures of Flo's bum and outfit somewhere

Don't think I could manage parties and late nights either now-I have turned into a party-pooper

Insurance quotes are showing cheaper than renewal by quite a bit and cheaper than last year

Gary Hobson

Had trouble starting my car yesterday. The battery was completely flat. It hadn't been used for a couple of weeks, and the very cold nights haven't helped.

Fortunately I've got a charger, which I haven't used for years. 4 hours on the charger was enough to breathe some life back into the battery.

I'd been toying with doing my weekly shop on-line, but now I'm thinking that a decent run to the shops and back would help to keep the battery in shape.

Pennine Petal

Try Aviva for a quote Geoff, OH just had a good price from them.

Sorry I missed your party Chris, it was a bit far from HK. Just sitting in the business lounge with my colleagues, drinks are free in the evening until 9.30!

Bunny ...
Been out in the greenhouse talking to my cuttings , all happy as larry .... Realise my greenhouse needs to be five times bigger and a potting shed required***sigh*** nowhere to do my seeds with all that lot n there ((
Garden very soggy and sad looking but things are shooting from the soggy soil .
Miss Becks

Quick cooking question all you bakers out there! (Sorry Geoff )

Just bought some reduced plums from Co-Op. Going to attempt to make a crumble with them. All the online recipies don't mention peeling them, just halving and stoning them. Will it matter if I do peel them, as I don't like fruit peel?


Live from Hong Kong-is ish my room-hic




Caz W

Peel away Becks (I don't like the skin either although it will soften a lot when cooked).

Afternoon all!

Pennine Petal

YOu don't have to peel them, the skin is not too thick and there is lots of flavour in it. It can be picked out easly when cooked if you don't want to eat it.



Pity you're too young to try Saga for a quote,Geoff

Caz W wrote (see)

Flo's annals gave me a turn but the hag looked rather nice (thought Mr. Tumnus looked very nice too). 

Believe me Caz, the rear view is my best side   And Mr Tumnus is a dear



Bunny ...
The skin generally disappears anyway so peeling is fine. (Not a skin fan either) . Enjoy !!!