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Bunny ...
I'd rather orange balls and colder than gales rain or snow

What's the attire today Geoff?
I've only a twenty will that do ? Could you grab me some compost...
Bunny ...
Ohhh Geoff you maybe won't need the twenty then.....
Sue H
Geoff. Do u have to supply your bank details to someone in Nigeria?

Morning all

I to am sorry about Peter Beales. The roses I had off them last year were such good quality (better than DA) and when the leader and inspiration goes things don't always stay the same.

Pleased the drip has been located Lottie. Because of my trip to Staffs yesterday I missed my weigh in, probably for the best - you all saw the puddings!!!

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Sun is out here as well. Woke up with a fuzzy headache this morning.

Geoff, can you get me some as well? I will Paypal you the £2!



Yay-have found the fiver I was looking for

Apparently Sue the couple are genuine winners but the rest is a scam-it just always amazes me that people go to the trouble of making these up-but then again.......

Becks -of course I will and will send them up via the daily pigeon

Not to Bjay- drip Flo-tyred Lottie-we went through all this yesterday-where were you?

Gary Hobson

I received an E-mail this morning too, informing me that I have won the BBC sweepstake....


I found snowdrops out this morning 

Loads of jobs though. Clematis to cut back, roses to pune most look alive, one looks a bit sorry for itself - planted in November so will give it bit more time before I start despairing.

Still furniture to move back - any offers of help?

I also have a mystery plant, will photo and post on a thread later - it has appeared not introduced by moi. (practising for the trip)

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Not dressed-but came downstairs for a bit

A bit of what? may I ask

Happy and somewhat astounded Flo - there is less of me than last week, not more!! I think my piggishness last night hasn't taken effect yet  

If anyone's handing out fivers, I'll have one please.

Becks, ditto on fuzzy headache. Hope yours is the result of some pleasure - mine isn't   Still, the sun is out and it's not windy or wet so there are reasons to be cheerful.

Snowdrops, Bjay. How lovely. I must see if mine have progressed at all.

Miss Becks

Hmm, Flo. What is this 'Pleasure' you talk of??


Back for a banana & fruit tea break.

Washing out, next load nearly done. Our bedding stripped/changed, plus the under sheets/under slips- they'll get washed as & when.

Put a pr of OH's trousers into charity pile, he'll never know, hasnt been that size for a while!  Several decent still, but am not happy wearing nowadays, t-shirts also in pile to go. Being ruthless.

Made mistake of looking up & seeing all the cobwebs. Not today, but they'll get done.

Down to compost bin with kitchen bucket now. J.

darren the gardener

morning all

hope all are well just a bit blustery here in oxfordshie this morning but sun shineing so happy days

Miss Becks

Jo, Golden Rule! Never look up! Trouble is, mine hang down as well, so visible from all angles!

Hows the injuries Darren?


Am back in the room-purchase completed £1.98 spent-not without incident

As I am waiting to pay and SHOUTING at the till lady over the loud music-I asked her if she wanted it any louder-she says they have no control and it is piped into all the stores

Dont think I am cut out for shopping

Darren -cheer up-how much longer?

Flo a result



I've been doing that lately Jo - looking up always regret it. OH went round and de-cobwebbed house for do but looking up today and 

When we were house hunting one of my BIG not wants was a barn because of the beams, high ceilings and cobwebs - I have an intense dislike of them - not just from house cleaning point of view. a real 'thing' about them

As i am going to change avatar on 1st of every month am looking for what it could be?

darren the gardener

insomnia ,geoff

hi im back to the specalist on 12th feb i do feel my leg is getting stronger so hope fully i wont need surgery but im ok more peaple worse off then me


Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Hmm, Flo. What is this 'Pleasure' you talk of??

Over-indulgence in food, drink ... err?  I take it that you haven't, either

Bjay, I suppose you won't be choosing a cobweb on 1st Feb?   How about carrying on the garden equipment theme for a bit?  Or your snowdrops. My back ones are starting to nod their heads, no sign of the front ones but they have to fight their way up through considerable undergrowth.

Good to hear your leg's feeling better, Darren - don't be tempted to do too much too soon, though

Miss Becks

No, definately haven't Flo. Just a plain boring, fuzzy head.

What sort did you buy Geoff?

Hope it goes ok Darren.



Back from compost bin & boy is that wind increasing now. Sun in/out but expext shall need to replace wormery cover again later.

Spotted a self sown, not in a decent spot, oriental poppy. Daughter can have, if she wants it. Parent only cost £1 so no grumbles there & it's a belter.

BTW have just realised that a yr ago this friday I started my chemo..... but only 3 more home drug sessions to go J.