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Charlotte is good, its an excellent salad potato - lovely with a bit of butter or blob of mayonnaise. But Pam's given me pause for thought now over main crops! Vivaldi is also listed as a 2nd early but is meant to be a good baking potato. Would like to try a few Marfona - where do you get the seed potatoes from Pam? 

Glyn, sounds like you're having a good time! Am envious 

It was extremely windy when I was at the plot today, and I discovered my water butt had fallen over. The ground is so soft the base had sunk on one side and as it was full the weight had caused it to fall.

Lottie -we have ordered all our seed potatoes from Charlton Park Garden Centre - haven't used them before but as I was a bit late my usual place had sold out
Picasso is aVERY good main crop potato
Deanos Diggin It

Hi All!

We did Lady Christyl 1st, Charlotte 2nd, Desiree n Golden Wonder main last year, all did well, not a massive crop, but plenty enough! but has someone said earlier! the wet weather never helped!

Thanks for all kind words regarding "Rigsby" 

Geoff! Check ya in box! 


I had Lady Chrstyl last year, only about 3 small flavourless potatoes on each. And I had Charlotte which was great. At first like a salad potato,good for summer. I left them in the ground and dug them up when needed. They got less firm and more floury, better for autumn and winter, and the last lot dug at Christmas made great roast potatoes.

My sister had Lady Chatterley under her mattress when I was about 14 so I nicked it and couldn't find anything exciting in it. Then I saw in the front it had "abridged version" so all the good bits had been taken out!


Dean -sorted -thanks

There was a book shop in Guildford that used to sell all the naughty books for us naughty boys-used to go in there after school then get home and hide them

They were never like the covers


Caz W

Hello everyone - lots of potatoes on here today .  I've been in school concentrating hard on fractions, percentages and decimals .  Sorry to hear about leaks and Lottie's saggy butt .  Have just found out we will be dog-sitting Fri - Mon for a cute little Jack Russell cross called Archie (friend's rescue dog) so will be doing quite a few walkies!  Son went to Hong Kong 2 years ago and visited the Giant Buddha - will see if I can find picture.

Caz W

I seem to recall he got to the actual site in a glass bottomed cable car and the walk up the steps to the statue was quite exhausting!


Miss Becks

My house has just been turned upside down by Jess's school friends. 2 twin boys, came back to 'play' for an hour after nursery! Good Lord! Talk about . I really couldn't cope with them full time. They were so 'into eveything'. Poor mum. No wonder she always looked exhausted.


Think I'll have to go to GC. I suppose if I leave it too late they'll sell out. based on everyones ideas I think I wilhave a go at Kestrel, desiree (maybe) picasso, and Anya but as I only grow in containers I do not need KG's worth. There is always Charlotte to fall back on and will get christmas ones again - hoping it's a better year. Is this a good spread, experts?


Caz that is serious summimg you have been doing

OH has been to the dentist and doesn't want anything  heavy-she is having omelette-  I am having beans and egg on toast

That seems like a lot taters Bjay-have you got enough containers?

The pleasures of parenthood Becks

Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

I have found a decent pink shorts picture-have edited some details to spare blushes

Have I missed this picture??


I only need small packs not the big bags. 1 or 2 bags a variety and then I have them along the garden path - plenty of room. A plan this year is to make a potato bag/plant nursery area  that's the plan I have the gravel but......


No Caz-did you see the other one? -am waiting for someone to ask about that and the house details-don't want to appear pushy


We are nosey Geoff but far too polite to ask


Then we have reached a stand-off- who is going for their gun first?


Caz W

Saw the other photo Geoff and did comment that only real men wear pink

You know how nosey we all are - we want to see everything

Miss Becks

Just post the bloody pic and details!

I am nosey Geoff
Pam LL x
Bunny ...
Come on Geoff get em out.....pleeeeaaassseeeee

Just put a dye on my hair ...eeeeek
Caz W

Becks - we twinned  or should we not mention twins to you after today's outing?