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I've got 'flower envy' as I've really not got anything here that's flowering at the moment 

The rhodie at the front door is about to burst forth so I'll take a pic when it's red...what I was hoping it wouldn't be...

oh well...c'est la vie 


Bev, Mum's outrule sons. Don't know your set up but if your house and you cook / launder for the son...STRIKE called for..From Yorkshire lass.

Ha - thank you KEF 

I had a look at photobucket and it looks the same as Dropbox. Has anyone had any success with uploading from Dropbox?

The potty gardener

Pamela- I missed your pics, they are really lovely.

KEF well have to admit that son does nearly all his own cooking and much of mine. Also is quite good at doing washing, except bedding which I do when it has really piled up

.As for his saying NO we have Gwennie, Leelo, Tiggy, Lily and Fizzy. Then there are the two little kittens. I do have to try to rehome Lily- we got her as an adult and she hates the other cats, Fizzy was her kitten but as soon as Fizzy got on with the other cats then Lily didn't like her any more. She wants to be the only cat in the house.

So in short if I went on strike it wouldn't be noticed



pamela-  oldest daughter thinks Dropbox is mainly used for putting files onto for others to download from as opposed to putting photos on. That's what she uses it for anyway!!

I don't really understand any of that....

I have been tinkering with dropbox to up load photos. The upshot of which is that I will have to stick with the white borders until it gets fixed!

Thank you Bev - I'll post some more soon.

Also a cat lover 

. Tibbs - black and overweight! Harvey - tuxedo, fluffy and at least 14. Sadly we lost our 3 legged, black cat Wiccy last week on the road. He was an absolute superstar and totally irreplaceable, so we won't!

Oh and two young jack russells.

It's not a peaceful house most of the time, until like now, the Jacks fall asleep



Fairygirl - I think your daughter is probably right! 

thank you Bev. It was heartbreaking 


I have given up trying to plant the whole thing in one Garden-makeover swoop and am concentrating on one space at a time.

Some small victories in my gappy garden this spring are...




Wonderful tulips Wintersong


 Amazing colour I thought


Beautiful colours, Wintersong (love that name) and Artjak.


Talking about up-loading photos, I just keep them in the computer, and I don't seem to be getting white borders, also the bottom pic. above rotated itself from horizontal to vertical! I don't know how I do it


artr-have you got my new wand.....



Oops, I think I may have picked it up...


But Artjak your photos do have white borders on my computer. Lovely photos all the same. The photos should enlage a lot when you click on them, but they don't.


On my computer, they don't have the big white borders that other pics have Too techy for me I'm afraid


This thread is disappearing down the pages and I like it so here's another pic of my garden. Alliums are coming out, bit of a gloomy day!