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Some nice photos of members gardens here. I do like noseying at others gardens to get ideas. 


Wisteria is really coming into its own this year. We've waited a long time for this type of flowering.

Now lets see if I can get these photos the right way up!

 (Looks ok now, but nthat about once I've pressed 'submit reply'?)

here goes...




KEF - what a lovely surprise from the garage - he's a clever man!  I was intrigued as to what the green paint could be for .....

And love the white flowered shrub in the first picture - what is it?


Re photos - I give up!


Birdy - lovely wisteria.  I managed the first one by tilting my head, but the second defeated me.  Need to stand on my head, but only just finished dinner !!



Don't give up birdy, it's a fabulous wisteria any way up. I like your wheel barrow as well  


 Thanks for the support - oh but you'll need that when you stand on your head,


That made me laugh Nutcutlet - thanks - I needed that.


It's OK Birdy I use a lap top so just turned it around

Lovely colour, and you must spend a lot of time nurturing it


Birdy is that a special barrow for window boxes?

I'll wave my wand for you -maybe they'll be the right way up next time!!

The wisteria's lovely 

KEF- that is a terrific potting bench!


You're so clever Nut !  And Birdy, it really is a lovely wisteria - good long flowers and a nice shade too.  They are one of my favourites - but v late this year.


Birdy13 what gorgeous wisteria perfectly pruned!

I'm growing one from seed that may take twenty years to flower (apparently) hope it looks just like yours when it does


I grew 3 from seed 6 years ago. I gave one to a friend who moved house and didn't take it, she said it had got quite big. Mine died! The other went to my daughter who has just told me it has it's first (and only) flower! Hoping for more next year.


Chicky, it's Exochorda macrantha "The Bride". Beautiful in early spring, bit boring rest of time, but it is my favorite..well I think it is.

Wow, more lovely pics to look at. Thanks folks.



KEF - how lovely! I bought one of them a couple of weeks ago (after being inspired by a pic of one in Lizzie's garden) - but am obviously not good at recognising them yet. It is currently tiny, but near the back of the border, so can afford to be a bit boring for some of the time!


welcome fred. what hard work yo have put in and the rewards will be worth it.

buyz-lizzie.. i would love your garden.. the love the stone pillar at the end of the wall.. it makes a super feature and i love them sort.. might see if can get hubby to build one in my garden will  have to soft soak  him first the aliums are looking super..mine are just out now.. but need some sunshine to make them fully open.

how much ground do you have?

i have an iris that has been in the ground for two years now and it has veyr tall flower stem on it with 8 buds on each.. the top one is opening nad has been taking weeks waitin for the sun.. which came last weekend.. and is now opening.. so excited as do not know the colour as bought at car i will add picture whenit does open and show you all.. especially if it is dramatic


Hello, gardeningfantic. I have about an acre of garden, but it's hard to tell as it's all round the house and some is grass, shrubs and trees. But I have about 8 acres of rather poor grazing in paddocks - but nice because it's full of wild flowers - and a lot of wild woodland. Deer, wild boar, stone marten, red squirrel, badgers, foxes, hares, and European grey dormice live in the woods.

My first OH (died) had the pillars built when we moved here as we had similar when we lived in Kent with roses growing up them. 

John Harding

Well, the builders have gone & the new bed is in place so I've been out and taken a few shots with my camera: let's hope they load OK










To make the raised beds I bought some lengths of steel channel and welded them together & set them in concrete. I was then able to cut the boards and slot them in 'till I got the height to where I wanted it. Each bed took just over 1 ton of top soil to fill which I bought from a company in Solihull. I originally had Railway sleepers until I learned about the Organo-Phosphates (sheep dip) used as preservative and I got rid of them, disposed of the soil and started again. It was expensive but I thought eliminating risk to long term health was more important to my family. PS. The garden looks bigger than it really is because of the wide angle lens on the camera. Garden is about 24 feet wide and about 80 feet from conservatory to rear wall behing the shed.

  Love this Have to speak to husband and get his brain designing or, even better, speak to Dad