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Very impressive Deanno!!!


Deano - not a weed in site - and all so neatly spaced !


Deano; looking good


Lovely pictures today everyone!  I've been pulling up weeds, chopping down shrubs and uncovering bits of the garden I had forgotten about all day.  OH has demolished the rotten shed and dug a hole for a pre-formed pond which is now home to some frogs that were living in an old container of mine with absolutely filthy water.  He just tipped out the water and hey presto! a mini frog pond.  Why they want to live in that water I have no idea, but I don't want to change it at the moment in case they don't come back

 Looks terrible but trust me, they love it in there.

 My peony buds with all the nectar just dripping off them.  No wonder the ants went bananas for them.  I killed them all off with a couple of baitstations....more on that subject soon.....

 I wish they'd open soon, it's driving me mad now



Oh and thanks Birdy, I've worked out that so long as I take the pictures in landscape (ie with my phone horizontal) they come out the right way round!!



Have been catching up. Lots of lovely stuff and fascinating info. The twisty things look a great idea.

Birdy, I can turn my laptop round to see the piccies  

Dean, veg beds and bags look fab!

Daisy, love your little froggy pond. As you say, why on earth do they want such yukky water? But you can add some cleaner water to it gradually as long as they can still get out. 

Lavender Lady

Morning everyone - been looking at all your great pics, all looking good.  Love the cute pussy cat. 

Looks like another lovely day so happy gardening x

hollie hock

Love looking at everyones pics.

Not sure if these will work, some do some don't


 Beautiful sunshine here, have a good day everyone


 Such a simple little plant, but it gives so much pleasure; Snow in Summer.


super pictures.. love looking at them.. here is some of my garden..

 and here is that iris i spoke of that i have been waiting 2 years for it to flower...



by end of next year the lawn will be gone adn be gravel pathways.. i will have only 2 small circular lawns left.. the otherisde in the shaded part will be all barked..


Excellent pics all. I'd better get out there and take some.


the main path you can see is about to start on its re generation.. and either side will be borders which will join upto the round ones you can see.. i will add pictures as we go..



@deano.. love the beds.. and what are those big oringinal grow bags full off..i am thinking potatos..


Gardeningfantic - what a super garden you have - I love the features: the old tree stump, fencing, pathways and the circular patch of shrubs and flowers set in the lawn. I expect you had to weigh up losing the lawn to gravel or bark against the labour saved in not having to mow so much. 

By the way, that iris (is it?) is spectacular. I wouldnt have thought it easy to find many flowers that display such deep shades of purple. 


Lavender Lady

Beautiful pics fanatic.  Love the iris, well worth the wait I would say. 





There're still only 5 peony blooms of the ten out properly but the morning light was too good to miss for these shots. Unfortunately, the iPad can't seem to cope with the glare of strong sunlight but the colour is still impressive:


 Saved this shot til last... 


  All is well so far... Submit

(don't even breathe!) ... 

(Typing this after trying about A dozen different ways of editing a 'rotate' but this picture refuses to reorientate to 'right way up')  but the colours still good!


Birdy13 wrote (see)

Sorry Bev - best not look; it's a bit like watching a slow car crash - fascinating while it's happening but the after effects are not good.

Birdy, re photos. I drag and drop my photos from desktop and get a lot of gobbledegook(?) too. I have found that if I completely mark the  goobledegook and delete it right to the end, I end up with the vertical curser signal in the middle. I then drag and drop the photo onto that again and submit reply and hey presto, it's in. Have to do a new one for each photo, but at least it works.