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Crikey BB checked out the link, T&M really do take the ****.  I've never had trouble but only ever ordered seeds from them.  But you do have a nice garden.  There was a lot of rain in Brum yesterday, hope your plants liked it.


nutcutlet wrote (see)

There aren't many really blue flowers. There was a blue flower thread recently and the colours gradually slid towards mauve. Lovely, but not blue

Blue Moon reminds me of those colour rinses for the white haired lady. 


Nut- they say there's no such thing as a 'true blue' in plants. I don't care for blue much at all - has to be purples- preferably red based ones but we're all different! The blue rose thing's been going on for years - I'm not sure roses would look right in blue shades anyway- even purply ones- don't know why! Just seems wrong somehow.

Still got polyanthus flowering here!



Your're right Fg, a blue rose would be really naff, worse than Blue Moon and that's bad enough.




 My Lincolnshire garden  


Thank you Nicky, I love seeing people's gardens. Obvious from yours that you are a young mum! Although I looked at you profile. From your posts you haven't been there long so good luck with it. It looks a good size. I hope you managed to get everything identified.



NickyB: that's a lovley shape garden - especially how the bit at the end remains a partial mystery, presumably until you go round the corner of the large shrubs that come out from the left half way along.

The willow just makes it perfect with its beautiful flowing structure. Any closer to the house and the lengthy roots and brittle branches can cause problems as you may be aware.

We had a vigorous weeping willow growing out front - over the entrance to our drive! Eventually it had to come out because even with yearly or twice yearly cutting back the constant regrowth gave us branches so long they threatened to break off on to  the cars parked beneath.

Yours, however, is well placed in that respect and can be best appreciated from this distance.


Lovely Nicky 

Lots of bird feeders too which is great!


Thanks... yeah it is a lovely size and past the willow tree is an allotment area with apple trees and lots of beds... its just a bit overgrown at has been neglected so its just trying to get it in some sort of order. 

Yes have two small boys and a little girl due September (arggh!!) so I garden when I can... I do love gardening though !!

Awww... thank you everyone... you are all so kind We moved from Bedfordshire and were amazed at the garden we could get for our money. We had a 12ft x 10ft garden before so this is heaven ! 

Awww... such a shame birdy that you had to get rid of it Some people really don't think about trees and thier eventual size when they put them in do they 

I don't know how old our Willow is... the couple before us had lived her 17 years and it was there before them. I want it to keep going forever ...although sadly I know that it won't 

Thanks Fairygirl... I'm a bird lover too and we are blessed with so many birds and squirrels and even have a pheasant coming for breakfast. We are very spoiled here ! 

The potty gardener

Nicky lovely garden. Plenty of room for the children to run around as well as you enjoy your gardening


Lovely space Nicky, tonnes of work though!! They did enjoy the water just like today, not so keen on the gusting wind which is snapping dahlias and young plants for fun.


i have just come home to find this clematis flower i don't know what it is as i as given the pot and plant no label and i haven't had time to look it up but it is pretty

 it is a bit more pinky than white


Lovely little-ann. It's got quite distinctive green ribs so hopefully won't be too hard to identify  


Litle-ann- just been having a look at Taylors Clematis website and there's one called Fair Rosamond that looks identical to yours. The stamens are opened but they're purple as in your pic and the green bars are there.  


thanks fairygirl i will have a look now just finished havng tea



well done FG im sure thats the one i will keep an eye on it 


Mrs Bateman has purple stamens and green bars


Wintersong i cant find mrs bateman only miss bateman and she is white, i have looked on taylors and the rhs 


just googled mrs bateman and have found it now im not sure i need to see what happens with the stamens over the next day or so

little-ann wrote (see)

Wintersong i cant find mrs bateman only miss bateman and she is white, i have looked on taylors and the rhs 


Oops, I meant Miss Bateman of course  and I didn't read that it's pinkish, not white.