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Thanks Nut, certainly looks like our monster. Well I can make sails from it according to the link, and repair my saddle with our Yucca, what more could a woman want?

Dunno how come it survived the winter a few years ago, but it did. Sadly tree fern ( wrapped up better than I was ) didn't and many in GH didn't.


 I thought it was a phormium too KEF. I've had several types over the years and the bog standard green one flowered regularly and quite spectacularly 

KEF - What's the yellow flower growing next to your chimenea called please?  My mum has it everywhere in her garden (on top of a mountain in deepest, darkest Wales!) and it's one of the few things that can really get going there.  In fact, it's almost like a weed!



SL it's Lysimachia. It's been discussed on forum quite a bit lately, some people do find it a pesky spreading thing. It seems to behave where we have it as it's not a very hospitable area for growing. It's in a really drafty cold area.

p.s.we don't light the chimnea there, it's currently in the naughty corner as it's gone rusty and was making a mess on the patio


Thanks KEF!  My mum is torn between hating how it tries to take over, but liking it because it's one of the few plants that thrives in the harsh conditions, and it is very pretty

Like the idea of a chimenea in a naughty corner! We don't have one but we do have a massive old water tank, cut in half with holes drilled in the bottom.  It's our burning barrel and it can get rid of anything! However, I think the neighbours think we're tramps....

On local radio gardening prog someone planted hypericum calycinum in area where "nothing else would grow".  It has taken over now and running through her hedge and she has spent last couple of  years  trying to eradicate it.   Beware of invasive plants appearing benign and "pretty".  Suddenly they roar and show just why they are invasive.!!  



Verdun the Lysimachia was in that position in the garden when we moved in 13yrs ago, it has spread a little but we haven't had a problem with it. The devil that grows near it that I do keep an eye on and a spade! are chinese lanterns. I think in time when I've finished other areas the two might be replaced.  Don't want loads of hard work when I get to 28


Lysimachia is ok, I've got it in a problem corner and it brightens it up, I did post a picture the other day.  I've also experienced it running rampant in my last garden, so just be careful where you plant it.  It's also easy to pull up; as soon as you start seeing shoots just get a trowel and dig them up. 


Anyway, sorry, forgot I was going to post some pictures before I go shopping:

 First daylily to start flowering! I have no idea what it's called, it was here when I moved in.

 And a closer view!

 Ahhh....proof they don't need much, just a bit of water......

And finally, the piece de resistance - after ripping out some salvia from a container that had been eaten by slugs, I found one hanging off a fuschia leaf to stretch out and eat a petunia flower.  I thought it was flying at first glance!

 And there's a video if anyone wants to watch (only 30secs):



Funny, isn't it?  For me it is invasive.  Leave well alone then.  nice foliage plant.  I have  persicara red dragon....for some it's invasive but not here......?

I will retreat with my have one.....between my legs..

Deanos Diggin It

First "Pink's" this year! My they are pink! 

 And my first rose! On my half standard "Misty" 


Hiya Deano

Nice colours.  Fond of pinks too.  What variety is that?  Scemted? 

Have a perennial heliotrope by my front door and the scent from that is wonderful.  The annual Marine....cherry merely a wannabe

Deanos Diggin It

"Valda Wyatt" 

scented! But you have to get close! 

Verdun wrote 

Have a perennial heliotrope by my front door and the scent from that is wonderful.  The annual Marine....cherry merely a wannabe


I haven't heard of the perennial, i have Marine. Where can you buy this plant? is it similar to the annual? Thanks.



what a fabulous garden you have Berghill and such a lot of work

are all the photos in the album your garden? Just fantastic.

Berghill.  Lovely garden.  Bigger than mine.  How big is it ?

Favourite plants?

Aliesh, originally bought mine from car boot stall years back.  I tale cuttings every year.  It's Arborescens Chatsworth.  There is another perennial variety.... Prob more .....bjt I'm not sure where at the moment you can get it.  I will find out though and let you know


hopefully I have got the camera fixed. Very hard to get batteries for old models and, old models are not that old














 hope you like them.