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Addict - thanks, I usually grow morning glory and / or black eyed Susan in this planter( sorry bit early in morning for full names). Neither have done anyhing yet this year. Im pleased with the nastuertiums though.

birdy -  I chop off the flowers when in bud on sone of my alchimilla and they stay much more reasonably sized.

Debra - great spuds! What do you mean about growing in a box - di you bury the box in soil to avoid spread or do you mean in a planter? Never grown potatoes or other veg.


Thanks for that good idea MrsGarden, now I know how it behaves I can 'tell it what to do' next year a bit earlier on.

debra - they really look good enough to eat! 


loving those spuds.. i have not been n much as not been out in garden much due to heat and playin gup my arthritis.. but here is some of our veg etc.


 this is our peas.. have had quite a few harvests of these now.

 our runner beans.. had first crop from these yesterday.. very nice they were.

 and this is my poor celery.. stuck in the middle.. pipes taken off as got big.. so ready to harvest one soon..yum yum..

 and these are our broc and sprouts.. didtn realise how big they get.



i also have some fuschias i need identifying.. i go them in a bulk lot and they ar enot what i asked for.. and no labels came with them.. so if anyone can help me.. i would appreciate it..

these are all of them.. some i know what they are they have labels

 but the next ones i have no idea..

 this one has pale pink outer leaves

 then this one

 then this one.. which has got leaves that are starting to turn yellow.. i have it in full sun during afternoon and evening.. is this why.


Lovely projects, plants & veg everyone, I love seeing all the pics.

I've been out with camera this morning as too hot to do much else.







 Soz I know they won't enlarge.


Have put brain in gear.





 Can anyone tell me what the pink climbing plant on the right is ? I didn't put it there.





This is Rose The Fairy - flowering its little petals off.

 There should be another one but I keep getting squash tomato


Lovely pics everyone  Kef the pink thing is some sort of spirea....I think...never bothered to look it up just pulled it all out. It suckers all over the place so don't know if you want to keep it.


Netherfield...looks amazing! 


KEF, if you mean the pink fluffy one on the right under the leaf, it's Spirea Douglasii, quite a vigorous shrub, spreads by suckers.

What did you do when your brain was in gear to make your pictures enlarge?

Lovely pics, everyone. Love the colour of little-ann's blue clematis in the middle.

I grew them in a 3 foot by 3 foot cardboard box on the ground and as the spuds grew i covered them with compost.thats it.very easy.I dont like to dig .



how many planted in the box debra

John Harding

A few more pics from the garden this evening:


The Lupins (most sown from seed this year) but 2 from previous years

 2. The other set of Nasturtiums under the apple tree

 3. Caster Oil plant (given to us by a friend) planted out 1st July 13

 Lettuces (bottom of pic 3) used as space fillers in early June 'Sweetheart' (Cos) and 'Lollo Rossa' (bottom right) make an attractive border in the 1st new raised bed.


Sunflowers are begining to take centre stage in my garden. I sowed three different varieties - Mongolian Giant, Valentine and some unknown seeds kindly supplied by Lilylouise....


 And they are attracting some bumble bees...





great pics flowing fast today!

John - so jealous, my lupins finished ages ago and were quite short lived. Does the castor oil have a flower on it?

Leadfarmer - def must try sunflowers next year, kids grow em so I should be ok ...


John what lovely pix- your garden always looks beautiful. I hope you're getting time to enjoy it and not just working in it!

I have some smaller sunflowers about to bloom called 'Black Magic' which I'm looking forward to seeing. Last time I sowed them the rabbits had them 

My Etoile Violette' flowered today while I was at work so that was a nice present to come home to: