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Sort seed packets and (haha) spend the day reading all the new comments on the GW Forum, they call it addiction!


watch gardening vids, research projects and plants and look after the kids as it's mother's day!


Play on the forum of course   And catch up on domestics that go unnoticed when out in the garden.

Either read the forum, check to see if there are any new tesco clubcard deals, look at lots of garden sites to gain inspiration.

Do lots of research into what composts folk are using this year, as lots of people had problems with Verve last year (but strangely enough this scored very highly in the 'Which' compost trials).  Look to see what I 'should' be doing in the garden, then sigh at the weather.  Maybe say a really, really rude word if the kids aren't around to hear!


I am using the verve ATM, I like it, so far that is, the tubs and baskets will be the test.


The potty gardener

Like everyone else spend time on the forum. Also plan exactly where things will be planted this year- now on version 34!

I'm potting up or sowing seeds in the GH at present when it's raining but then catch up with gardening progammes on iplayer or go through the natural history programmes, I like David Attonborugh, not quite gardening unless you own Kew Gardens or a house in the jungle .

Like Bev, I''m trying to plan what to grow and where to plant it. GH plan has changed several times, I'm trying to decide what to grow in the GH bed which isn't a tomato, there's space for 9 plants, decided on what to plant in 7ish spaces.  

Caz W

Top of my list is this site .  I like to get gardening books from the library - just to look at the pictures - and then I can daydream about all the things I'd like for my garden. 


Plan  to scale with plant lists the next stage of my garden, using books and internet and things I've gleaned from here. Whatever and ideas fromplaces I have visited.


Sorting or sowing seeds, cleaning and tidying tools, pots, seed trays etc.   I still have obelisks to finish painting and repairs and maintenance on some garden furniture that I can do in the garage but for me winter is time to get on with house jobs, sewing and reading, including gardening magazines and books and internet info. 

It's also time to cook all sorts of new dishes to keep ringing the changes and there are ballroom and salsa dance classes in a normal year plus I look after Hip Hop and Jazz classes for our club.  This year I'm having surgery on both feet so less of the maintenance and no dancing and dog walking.

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