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Not sure what at 'ordinary gardener' is Tall Paul - they seem to me to be a remarkably diverse species - that's probably at the root of the difficulty - trying to meet such different needs in one 30 minute programme a week. 

Gardening Grandma

You are right, Dove!   So they should give it longer!!! If Tall Paul means that most gardeners have smaller gardens and the issues that arise from that, I have to agree. There's plenty to enjoy on GW but plenty missing, too, in terms of everyday concerns. Why is there never anything from a small garden of the kind that exists in abundance on housing estates today?

Dovefromabove is right, it's always dangerous to generalise but Gardening Grandma has got it right;  the majority of us have estate type gardens and maybe an allotment or share in one if we're lucky.  It's always great to see the showcase gardens but we need help to translate it to our humble plots.  it's actually more about tone than content for me.  If you watch Beechgrove and compare with GW you will see what I mean. To put it crudely GW is just a bit "posh" for me these days.

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