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Orchid Lady

I am in Shropshire on Monday.....hmmmmm  I love Roval William, it is beautiful, as are the other roses 

Orchid Lady

My Iceberg was bare root and the Many Happy Returns was in a pot (as it was a present). I'd like a really vivid cerise coloured rose which is highly scented.....going to research now 


 Tried earlier to send photos of Rosemoor but signal is feeble in this B & B and it didn't work, so hope it works now.


David, rosemoor looks beautiful, but like you say, they all are! Nice to have an expert opinion
Orchid Lady

Well I didn't need to do much research, the Gertrude Jekyll you have been talking about is the one I need 



Orchid Lady - I have ordered the very same today and can't wait to receive it on Friday. Trouble is I deliberately stopped myself from ordering that and the other rose I bought. I think I'll be 

BTW I'm loving the enthusiasm on here for roses. DavidK recommended Peter Beales for roses.

Orchid Lady

Has anyone been to the tea room at DA? is it just a cafe or do they have a bit of a deli too?

Oooh, its only amazing, they do light meals and puds, all home cooked
There is also a peacock, just warning you as some dont like them
Orchid Lady

But no deli or farm shop type thing Rebecca?

No sorry, there is a shop, but the only food is usually wine and sweets

rosemoor does look gorgeous, i want the rose of that name too, hmmm wine ans for me!

I have a beautifull deep, deep pink rose (almost burgundy), its probably supposed to be a standard, judging by its height, but has been planted in a hedge, its dosent look like an old rose type, but seems more full than a hybrid tea, it reminds me of the posh flower arrangers roses, it has the most exquisite pure rose scent i have ever smelled.
Does anyone have any idea what this may be? The lady lived here before must have planted it, no label left.
Sorry cant do pics


Fantastic thread! I only joined the forums yesterday and am loving the advice, photos and friendliness. I only have one shrub rose at the moment - 'Alan Titchmarsh' which has hundreds of buds on it. I love the anticipation of buds opening and then the beautiful unfurling. I will definitely be looking at 'Gertrude Jeykll', Generous Gardener', 'Brother Cadfel', 'Lady of Shallot', and the beautiful 'Royal Jubilee' as I would love more roses. Ooooh and 'Tam O' Shanter - cerise is one of my favourite colours!! 

Welcome Tina, they are a fan lot on here