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The potty gardener

I do wish mine looked like yours David, mine are much thinner.

How many should I put in  pot about 24inch diameter- last year I planted only about 2cm apart and I think they were too crowded


I nipped out the stems right back on the ones that were looking sickly in the last few pics and they seem to be growing again so maybe they have survived, ive planted somemore incase.

hollie hock

Good news cairnsie, I'm sure they will be ok. The great thing about these plants is that you can sow them from Autumn through to late Spring and you still get flowers

Hi all, I have started my sweet peas in loo rolls .Should I put them in darkness for them to germinate Thanks Debra

Hi David, I was hoping you would answer my post ,you know so much about sweet peas and I am trying not to mess up . so far so good.Thanks Debra


Hello.  I'm also new to Sweet Peas.  I sowed mine on New Year's Day.  They germinated quickly (which I now realise was not good), and are now about 6 inches tall, but with only two pairs of leaves (almost at the top).  I sowed 5 in a 6 inch pot, and assume that I should now pot them on.  I keep them in an unheated indoor side passage in the house, which gets loads of sun in the day, but is cold at night.  I think that perhaps this location was still too warm, and I have inadvertently mollycoddled them.  Is it worth continuing with this batch and, if so, should I pot them on and leave where they are, or do they need to be somewhere colder?

Ok, thanks for the advice David K. 

Hi David, My sweet peas have sprouted! Its 10c in the garage .I moved them under grow lights, how long should I keep them inside ,they have no leaves yet. It is cold here and would like to know what temp it should be to put them in a cold frame. thanks   Debra         

Hi David The temps at night are approx -1 and daytime approx 5  Thanks Deb

thank you soooooooo much . will let you know how it goes. I ordered 2 more sweet peas varieties yesterday prince of orange and black knight can not wait to see how lovely they will be. Wishful thinking. Ta deb


Hi David,

I have always sown two seeds to a cell (like you have in your photos) - if they both germinate should I  pull one out, or are they ok to grow as a pair that close ?  I use old loo rolls and plant the whole thing out in the garden come April/May.



Perfect - cut flowers will do me fine !  Many thanks for responding