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Am I not giving them enough support? I almost snapped stems when tried to tie them into bamboo canes,though was gentle,should i tie in or not? Should i use sturdier supports?

my sweet peas are lovely and growing. they are very strong ,no flowers yet.Has anyone heard from David?He has helped me along .I will show some pics good or bad ,hopefully good when blooming. Ta Debra

The potty gardener

I followed all David K suggested. I have been really pleased with my sweet peas- I posted a pic on another thread. All I have found is that seed pods have started before all petals (or whatever they are called)  on stem have opened.

Thank you David K


i am glad you bumped this up potty i couldnt find it on here only on the beeb forum


thanks david could you post some pictures of different varieties you have grown




Hopefully vision back to normal (or even better?) David.

You may recall that I had high hopes of growing Cupani this year - due to a series of family mini-crises I didn't sow them in the autumn and left it until spring to start them off - however, not a single one germinated.  I've since read that Cupani can be difficult to germinate 

If that's so I'll try a different variety this autumn - any suggestions as to something more likely to co-operate? - I like blues/pinks/creams etc with lots of scent 


I grow Cupani every year Dove and don't do anything different with them to the others I grow. I put a pic recently on the Garden Gallery thread of a little bunch I'd picked. I started mine off indoors this year because of the cold spring but  normally just stick them straight into the  pots they're going to be in outside. I grew Cathy this year which has great scent. Cream coloured but a little muddy looking when you see them up close.


Now I'm spoilt for choice - Eagle's Centenary Collection look gorgeous, particularly apt for me is their Lord Nelson, living as I do in Nelson's Own county , and Cathy too looks lovely FG, and it's described as heavily scented, which is just what I want.  I might have to get both  

And this time I'll make sure I start them off in the autumn - no family crises permitted!

The potty gardener

Lovely pics David. My sweet peas have been so much better this year thanks to your help

What a smashing thread,just found it today and have sat with a cup of coffee reading all the posts. My sweet peas have been uprooted today as they were just about finished. They were Blue Ballerina( I think)  Autumn sown, long stems nice scent. They flowered well for a couple of months but then declined. They were grown in a large tub as I was short of space, HOWEVER, I now realise where I went wrong and why they dwindled, the pot was bone dry even though I thought I was thoroughly watering it. Obviously the water was just running straight live and learn by your experiences don't you. Back to planting in the border next year.

The potty gardener

David- having taken your advice I sowed some in the autumn and then did what someone on here suggested and put some seeds on wet kitchen paper just before planting them out. When I planted them I just popped the sprouting seeds in between each. It means I still have lots and they still have lovely long stalks


Mine are all spring sown and still flowering away.  Our season's slower to get going up here anyway and they don't mind the cooler weather in Sptember so it suits me and they often keep going in October. Mine are all in pots- albeit big deep ones - as I've rarely had a suitable area on a fence or wall to plant them in the ground. Keeping them well fed and watered is the key- and picking them. That's not too hard a chore though when you have the pleasure of a little pot of them in the living room!  

Perhaps you could give us all a few recommendations David- scents and colours etc so that we can all experiment for next year!