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Orchid Lady

That may well be me getting planting and sowing confused, apologies if it was and hope I can be excused as a 'newbie'  

Anyway, in the next couple of days I will be SOWING some more seeds and PLANTING my seedlings, David when do the seedlings need to be repotted to bigger pots?

Orchid Lady

I've planted them in quite deep paper pots I made and now you've mentioned it I do remember the root disturbance bit and that is why I put them in paper pots to start with!!!  Feel a tiny but stupid now -  sorry to be a bit dim, I've obviously spent far too long in the sun this afternoon and my brain isn't used to it 

Orchid Lady
Thank you David......just as well where my memory is concerned at times!!

Could David have been a schoolmaster in a previous life? But I don't think he was as he has told us, but my memory is failing.

Orchid Lady

Lizzie, with all his patience and answering the same questions over and over I think you may be right 


Orchid Lady

That may have been before my time David, being a 'newbie' with a poor memory 

planted my seeds yesterday, all in dining room,around 15c our house v cold esp in room where i've turned off radiator- we don't use it except v occasionally so ok to leave ot cool, wonder if i should have watered...i did but compost was fairly damp..btw tracey i'm obviously newbie too, this year i got mr fothergills seeds-5 different varieties- last year i got 99p spencer mix thay did great hoping for even better this year, david you should bring out a little book!

Another dedicated thread. ,picking up a tip or two even though I've grown them for few years now. ,

Mine are currently outside.....for couple of weeks now amd potted up. Mild here ....except for those storms 

dsvid, I usually mix dried manure and fish blood and bone when planting out.  Good?  



Orchid Lady

Ok, so these are my sweet peas this morning (excuse the mess I had to squeeze them in the garage!).  My question is on pinching out, something I have never been very good at.  Does it need doing now, if so where?  If not when does it need doing?


Orchid Lady

Hmmmm........they don't look like yours do they David, presumably that because they germinated too quickly?  Are they still worth keeping or should I bite the bullet and do a new lot with the ones you recommended (I have another hundred seeds to go at!) These I am going to plant outside as it's too late for indoors now and the greenhouse still not up.  I am going to save at least half for October sowing though as I will by then have the greenhouse up!!!

Orchid Lady

That's a problem at the moment with still not having my GH up  I do keep turning them round.  Hopefully the GH will be up this week, we were going to do it today but it has rained most of the day. Thanks again and I do appreciate your honesty, after all I am very much learning and you are the expert 

star gaze lily

Haven't done my sweetpea seeds yet, as I was going to try putting them straight outside this year. But maybe I should have done pots as its still so boggy outside.