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Orchid Lady
Well 2 of the ones I planted out yesterday haven't got eaten but they are broken Oh well, just as well they were only cheap and I have a back up plan!!
Orchid Lady

Hmmm, no and don't ask  I wasn't sure what you meant the other day re the twiggy bits as I've never seen/done that.  Keeping everything crossed that the forecast for weekend stays the same or better as no rain and free all weekend so it's operation GH full steam ahead 

Orchid Lady

I don't think I've got any twiggy bits, they've all gone I the fire  Will have a look tomorrow, what a muppet I am LOL.

Orchid Lady

You are the second person today encouraging me to 'steal' other people' plants David....LOL, I thought the gardening world was all sweet and innocent 

hope you find some twigs tracey, there's a large tree in frtont of our house and with the wind last month i have far too many twigs! my seedlings are between 2-4 inches and taller ones have 2 leaves, outsie now in plastic storage boxes, got greenhouse out of box...that's as far as i got, it's in cellar now waiting for me to get half an hour to put it up, david so sorry you have to keep repeating- this is why i think you should bring out a book/leaflet!!- when do i pinch out tip and what exactly is the tip i should pinch out?


Orchid Lady

Louise, if you go back 3-4 pages there are some pics that David kindly posted when I asked the same question, I think we pinch them out to make them more bushy and I think there has to be 2 full sets of leaves but the pic shows it  I take it you aren't holding baby at the moment 

thanks, mine only have 2 leaves at top i understand why, just practice harder than theory.. tracey i'm always holding baby and keeping toddler amused with mr men on other screen..!!!- neither of mine will/would tolerate not being held for long! if he's awake and not feeding i can lean over and use..shock!! both hands!! i can reach the question mark! hoping hubby will hold for a while later while i have my fun out in garden! with wind last night- i thought roof was coming off-we have hundreds more twigs, hope you find some today


Bumping this up so that new people can see the pinching out pix 

They're on page 24 of the thread

thanks fairygirl er...mine don't look lie that!! mine straggly and bit disappointed as tried hard not to 'coddle' see david, i listened!! i only had them indoors for 1st 2 weeks, in cold east facing room not on windowsill, they're in plastic boxes i only cover overnight to protect from slugs and mice, have already pinched out growing tips, have i done this too early...they're all leggy with 2 leaves at top, anything i can do to improve? am sooo determined to get really good plants!!

oops forgot to ask  david i know you advise putting them out am just wanting them to get stronger before they go in soil, if it's v rainy will they get ruined still in pots if not covered, sorry if coddling, i think mummies are a bit prone to it!!!

thanks david no, good advice doesn't get boring and newbies need it drilling in! getting slug pubs ready any other good slug zapper advice? no evidence of mice around but would you suggest cloche til bit bigger?

thinking more of a wire cloche, good to hear mouse danger may be over!