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I have buds on my sweet peas! Hurrah! Only...a few of the clusters of buds look a bit droopy, should they?


The first flowers on my spring sown sweet peas 




Dove, lovely. I've been waiting since 8am for these pics

Orchid Lady

Lovely Dove, aren't they pretty  In my mix selection from Wilkos a really vivid pink has flowered today, almost a neon pink, very unusual I thought for a sweet pea and very pretty 


lovely, i go out every morning but flowers still a day or 2 away

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Once they start Louise there's no stopping them 


Lovely sweet peas Dove, mine are ages away, I only put them in their final pots at the weekend.  The second one is gorgeous.

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Here are a few of mine.  I'm hoping the bees they are attracting will start paying some attention to my courgettes as they are on the veg patch and not doing as well as the ones I have just brought out of the GH.  Every time I walk to my GH I am met with the scent of the sweet peas, it's beautiful 

The pink ones in the middle are the ones I mentioned last night.

o.l they're lovely well done, hope mine catch up by weekend, forgot to say werll done on cucumber, it looked yum, i'm afraid i bought a tiny plant and left  it out when we had all that rain, it drowned


I've had my eyes open and my ears pinned back David 


My sweet pea plants always seem to go brown and ugly at the bottom.  Would there be a reason for this?


I enclose a photograph (Sorry, the photo is rotated 90 degrees!)


Hi David,

Many thanks.  They were probably watered rather too much at the when they were planted out, so that maybe it.

I have also ordered a soil testing kit.  Is there stuff you can add to the soil to may it more neutral.

Many thanks

PS - Went to Wisley (RHS) last Sunday.  If you get a chance to go to the Sweet Pea trial fields, they are fantastic.

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There is nothing better at the end of tiring day than sitting with a cup of tea at my kitchen table whilst 'chatting with friends' and enjoying the beautiful fragrance of my sweet peas 

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 Yes I know my supports need to be higher, it's my weekend job