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Orchid Lady

It's a good job I knew what you meant and aren't easily offended  I'll wake you in Autumn don't worry, you go and hibernate until then 

Just one question before you go.....the seeds that will eventually come from my Eagle SPs, should I keep them and use them next year or am I better buying new?

Hehe, thanks for translating OL, I thought my news was interesting anyway! David before you hibernate could you advise a shopping list so I can be ready for the off come autumn? Thank you. Enjoy the footy. Ooh and can seeds be used after they've been thru the wash and tumble drier in your jacket pocket? :/
Orchid Lady

Linzy that made me LOL and tell my OH  I find some strange things in the washer when I empty it that the boys have left (usually money and headphones or school letters) but never any seeds  Headphones work after being washed but nit sue about seeds....and nit sure about the tumbler 

By the way yes your news was fab 

*whispers* they were cheap eBay jobbers not the good stuff anyway so I composted em! Maybe I'll have a good sp crop randomly thruout the garden when I use the compost next year!


Orchid Lady

I thought you wanted Brazil to win David?? You do confuse me sometimes 

Yeah they're on my list David, it's a frilly one I have bursting forth at the mo.
Grow tubes, seed compost, cold frame also on the list, any other 'must haves' for autumn?
Orchid Lady

I don't know David.....but the original tangerine army aren't even wearing tangerine, most disappointed 

Orchid Lady

Only in my garden David, but I don't actually live in Blackpool  We did 'steal' our colours from Holland, don't know if you knew that fact of the day?

Ah yes sorry I forgot the jargon!
Orchid Lady

I didn't know that either David and I think I have a picotee variety in my mix....fab, I like frilly  I've just checked and I do, Keira Madeline 

Linzy, sorry I typed sticks earlier and it wouldn't let me type anything else!!  David taught me to have little twigs and sticks to support the baby sweet peas, there are pictures somewhere on this thread