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Lavender Lady

I have been given some old GW mags and whilst reading through them I saw a pic of Pixie clematis.  It stated that it is low growing and to grow over the side of a pot. 

Just wondered if anyone has grown this before and whether they have found it does not climb and if they are growing it in a pot.  I must say it did look good and I have been thinking about getting one.


This is a cultivar of Clematis cartmannii, I grew one called 'Joe'. They don't do much clinging on and are so small that they wouldn't climb far if they did. I'd say OK in a pot on a patio but not much garden impact

They do have a beautiful perfume so if you can put one at nose height in a sunny spot you'd enjoy it.


Mine did exactly what it was supposed to do, grew over a tallish pot, a large long tom,  and looked lovely as it flowered very early in the year - I grew it in a barely heated greenhouse and it was a joy, especially as it was perfumed.  I kept it for a couple or so years, I then put it outdoors for the summer and forgot to bring it in, whereupon it died!!   

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