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"Say it with flowers"  was an old advert...still apt for the present time.

I came across the "language of the Queen's dress" on social media too and it did make me smile. 

I do love the "Remoanarch"!  The cartoon is rather clever, I think.  "Mrs Windsor"!!

The remainers are on her side

I agree, Joyce, flowers are a beautiful way of expressing strong feelings.

Danae, do you think she'll be there on 30/9/17?



Can You Help??

This is Roxy, she’s an 8 week-old German Shepherd, I bought Roxy as a surprise for my wife, but it turns out she is allergic to dogs, so we are now looking to find her a new home.   
She is 59 years old, a beautiful and caring woman who can drive, is a great cook and keeps the house spotless :)

Hi Peter, supply the video first and then I shall consider her!


I don't think she'd want that video 'out there' :)

Phaidra says:

I agree, Joyce, flowers are a beautiful way of expressing strong feelings.

Danae, do you think she'll be there on 30/9/17?

See original post

 So sorry, I missed this, Phaidra.

Of course she will!

Last Friday, it was the 70th birthday of my friend’s mother, so a magnificent dinner was provided by my friend and her father, to which several friends had been invited.  Amongst them were two Americans, whom her parents had met many years ago, became good friends and were now their house guests.

On Saturday evening, we decided to go to a local pub, as the Americans love British pubs.  The mother decided to wear trousers and got out a pair, which she started ironing in the kitchen, whilst the daughter, the American friend and I were having some tea.  Suddenly, the American lady said, “I never wear pants.”  At that very moment, my friend’s father was just entering the kitchen.  On hearing “pants” he did a swift about-face, not saying a single word!

I think it was Churchill who said that Britain and the Us were two countries “separated by a common language.”

Ah, language!

Over the Easter holidays, one of my neighbours went to the local Marks and Sparks with her much older sister, who was visiting from France where she's lived all her adult life, after marrying a Frenchman many years ago.

They decided to buy some foundation wear but the visitor was shocked to see one of the sections signposted, in large lettering: "KNICKERS."  She pronounced it vulgar and marched out of the shop without buying a thing!


I'm finding  it all a bit scary. Good to see the funny side.

I find the whole Brexit business disturbing too but when crying doesn't help, laughing might stop one from getting clinically depressed, so I... choose to appreciate Mrs May's shoes!



If only ......

Don't despair, B3.  Miracles do happen!

I much fear, however, unless stopped, Brexit will end up being an unmitigated disaster.  The downward economic spiral, for most of us, started on the very next day of that insane result; and it's continuing unabated.  I much fear, its most traumatic result will be the inexorable demise of our NHS.

Talking of self harm!

Of course, those whose machinations brought us to this, will prosper.  Farage already said, "If Brexit doesn't work, I'll leave Britain."  He's irritated so many with his xenophobia, racism and lies that, no wonder, Philip Pullman called him " a b***ock-faced foghorn of ignorance."

Remember all those millions of pounds our NHS would get if we got out of the EU that Brexiters like Farage, Boris, and Gove kept promising ?  Now, if you don't want to die waiting, you have to an appointment with A&E at least 2 days before your accident, not to mention an ambulance!

Sane, learned, ethical people tried to bring to politicians' attention the harm of Brexit on our nation; but loud-mouthed Brexiters are deaf and so are all those crypto-Brexiters.


But, never say die!

Bloomers, Artemis?  Aren't bloomers lace-trimmed?

Hi Phaidra, I've tried to find Professor Weetman's letter but not successfully.  Any help, please?