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LG the L

Evening all / Morning Pat.

All go today - college, thing at kids' school, mad dash home to feed kids in 15 minutes before choir and then it was my rota turn to be 'on duty' at choir too. Did a test on plant pests and a few random topics this morning... let's just say that my gut feeling about how much was sticking in my brain was correct! I passed, just. But I know what I need to focus on so am not too concerned.

Handily, the thing at the school was about revision techniques and tips - ostensibly I was there to find out about supporting Bow, but I very selfishly just took it all on board for myself . Mind maps of plant viruses tomorrow then! I think I'll do a fertiliser one too. And maybe propagation techniques. I'd better get the coloured pencils out.

Liri, I hope all is well with your flight and that you both have a wonderful and relaxing time.

On the bird theme, I saw a lovely flock of redwings in the park on my way to college this morning. 

Could do with dinner. OH is on his way home from work - should be here by 11. This might be the last week of such late finishes for a while, fingers crossed.


Sounds a busy life LG, but fun.

Hope you have a lovely holiday, Liri.

It was a sunny day today, 6°. We did one of the walks in the dog walk book, the Boudicca way. Vast green fields edged with trees in their stark nakedness, and some little tracks through wooded bits. Really enjoyed it, except for my socks which kept slipping down my boots. Had a light lunch in the pretty thatched pub afterwards.


Seems a long time since I saw a blue sky Busy.

LG the L

Lovely photos, BL. I love 'stark naked trees'. But grrrr don't you just hate it when socks do that?

OH has just got home. Dinner! 


LG - I would be unable to sleep after a meal at this time of night but I think you are quite used to it.

Well done on passing the test today


LG the L

I am indeed quite used to it, Joyce. I'm aware it's not a very healthy habit to be in, but other than never eating together there's no other option. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll get back to a more normal time (for us) of 9-10ish.

Just watching Miriam Margolyes' US road trip programme while we digest. Very interesting.

I hope the weather eases off a bit for you. It's wet, cold and windy here but was bright (and windy and cold!) today.

Pat E

LG you remind me of when I was studying Horticulture plus full time work, three kids to organise in various schools and activities. For all that, I really loved the three years it took.

we are expecting 30c something today and all weekend   But the washing is going to be bone dry and we’re going to wander around air conditioned shops in town for a while. 

I need to push myself to practice my Ukelele chords and strums, but my wrist is still a bit sore. Any excuse to put it off.

I had a phone call from one of Hubby’s friends yesterday. He is a motor bike rider and a very large (tall and strong) fellow. He and one of his mates were riding through one of the lesser roads, well not really much more than a bush track, when a kangaroo leapt out and knocked him off his very large  bike. The roo is dead, but Steve has been transported to Canberra Hospital with 4-5 broken ribs and a punctured lung. He doesn’t sound too lively. 

Hubby rang him today and he’s still there but not sure what’s going down - they are playing around with various medications etc. His wife is a Pharmacist so I imagine she’s showing considerable interest.


Hi Pat - and anyone else who's awake... we're waiting at the airport for the gate to open.  Not sure what my stomach makes of porridge at 5am...

Hope your friend recovers quickly, Pat.  It sounds an unnerving experience. 

Thanks for the good wishes everyone!    Hope the weather perks up for you soon. 

Pat E

Hi Liri. Hope your holiday is great. Loved your new puzzles, thanks.


Good morning all ... I think      
We were woken by crashes and bangs and car alarms about an hour ago ... looking out of the window we saw bins blowing down the road, crashing into cars and scattering their contents all over the place .... we pulled some clothes on and went outside and rescued them, returning now empty bins to their gardens ... we can't find our own food waste bin ... goodness knows where it's gone ........... the loft trap door keeps lifting and dropping with a bang ........ thought they'd said we weren't going to get the strong winds previously forecast ... no one told the Weather Gods it'd been cancelled and apparently half of Norfolk is without power ...... and why does it always happen on a Bin Day?

Hold on to your hats folks!!! 

Pat E

Hi Dove. Your weather sounds a bit grim. Our weather is just the opposite - equally unpleasant except very hot and dry. Prediction for Melbourne tomorrow is 41c and Canberra 38c. We’re somewhere in between. Expecting to last for 4 days.


G'day Pat 

The weather has calmed down a bit here thank goodness ... OH said it was blowing a hooley for several hours but I only heard it when the car alarm went off ... think a bin slammed into it but can't see any fresh dents ...  ... we can't find our small black foodwaste bin anywhere ... OH says he'll go out on his bike and look for it a bit later on ... 

Everyone else ok?

Pat E

I meant to say earlier that I’m really impressed with your Amaryllis, Dove. What a beauty. 

And Lilyp, that snowy Road is very graphic. It looks very slippery.

Very noisy here last night - everything crashing about. Didn't get much sleep  It's calmed down now though I think I'll have another cup of tea before i get my wellies on and go and see what's been broken (apart from the TV aerial - saw that one go) or blown away

hope everyone is safe and the air con is working Down Under. OH lived in Aus for a while - he said Roos - the big red ones in particular - are one of the scariest animals he's ever met in the wild (no bears or tigers round here )


Good morning.  It's a bit blowy here and grey but dry so far.   SM day today and dancing this evening and a hot date with the sewing machine in between.

Enjoy your aircon shopping Pat.  Liri - I don't think my tum would appreciate porridge at any time of day though I love oats in biscuits and crumbles so good luck with that and your journey.  Hope you and OH both get to relax.

Have you found your bin Dove?  We don't get food waste bins here.   Just bags for recyclables and a small general waste bin.  Other than that, bottle banks and recycling centre and compost bins for our waste.

RG - I hope you have no other damage.  Aerials make good bird perches but that's all ours is used for now tho I understand we could get French TV on ours if we wanted.

LG - our work and social lives meant we often had very late dinners but that was about 30 years ago.  Hope OH's hours go back to normal soon.  Better for families isn't it when they eat together.

Busy - love bare trees too and lovely big skies.  Was lunch good?

Greetings to all to come.  I hope severe weather sin't interfering with life too much.  Stay safe and cosy, it'll soon be spring.  Just got to get thru Feb and the March lion.


Obelixx says:

Aerials make good bird perches but that's all ours is used for now 

See original post

Yeah, we can't get any terrestrial TV here as it turned out, so it's no loss to us. The house sparrows will miss it though

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