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Forester2.   3 rabbits there is a recession I didn't know about 3, we just say white rabbits, or I do


It was my Mum who always said three white rabbits.  Load of rubbish really.

star gaze lily

I can remember my mum and always saying white rabbits, never really new why, except something about good luck. Does 3 mean anything


I seem to remember that 3 is traditionally luck in Western culture because it represented the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

There's also a tradition of saying White Rabbits on the first day of every month, but I've no idea where that comes from.

I suppose that if White Rabbits are lucky, then 3 White Rabbits will be three times as lucky 

We do the Pinch and Punch thing on the first day of the month. OH hasn't remembered yet so I'll get him when he comes downstairs  - Shhhh, don't tell him 

star gaze lily

Ooops meant mum and dad.


Shhhhh won't say a thing Dove



Got him!!! 


Byeeeeeeeeeee, see you later  (only 2 more after today!)

mornin evryone cold this morning

Late this morning. That's what I get for staying awake till daughter was in from her party 

I'll no doubt fall asleep at about 8 tonight!

Supposed to be a decent day here so might get something done outside. Yesterday was horrendous in the afternoon. 

will try and catch up on all the chat on here now 


Dove & Star gazer - My Mum said' white rabbit'  three times before uttering any other word on the first day of the month that had an'R' in it. I don't know where she got it from as she didn't believe in luck at all - she came from the south |London area so may be it was a tradition there.   

Hello forkers

Well fairy, sure your daughter enjoyed her party and you can always catch up on your sleep 

Seems okish here 

Loads of rain in the forecast to coincide with all those guy Fawkes celebrations 

star gaze lily

My mum and dad were Londoners,  so maybe you are right. Tho i'm sure that said it every month! They believed in good luck stuff, they were also superstitious!    s

Woodgreen wonderboy

A flick and a kick for being so quick... so there... everyone is up and about with great energy this morning... well most of you.

There's definitely something in the air this morning, could it be Summer is finally over. Much longer than usual wasn't it. 



Nooooooooo woody.  Summer is not over 

The potty gardener

Morning all. I looked at most threads earlier but then lost connection.

Happy birthday Mahinor.

Car delivered for it's MOT. It was very very fine rain as I walked back up home soluckily didn't really get wet.I also picked some rosemary on the way which I am trying to use for cuttings.

Had a text to say phone will be delivered between 10.26 and 11.26- seems very precise to me. So not too long before I can play.


Have a great day everyone . Last day of half term hol for me


Forgot to do white rabbits - but hey - I'm not superstitious anyway. I keep my rabbit's foot and  lucky white heather tucked safely away. And I moved the ladder so I don't have to walk under it when I go to the car.

Woody - you have to go and see someone about your 'weather/season' denial...


star gaze lily

What about seeing magpies or friday 13th or passing on the stairs fairy  


Morning all,

WW we say a pinch and a kick for being so quick,a stamp on the toe for being so slow.Where do these sayings come from?

First of Somerset Carnivals tonight,weather forecas tvery bad,rain and high winds,second carnival tomorrow,weather looks worse for that,such a shame


Oh yes- always acknowledge Mr Magpie lily...but just because he's a friendly bird - no other reason...

Don't know the passing on the stairs one though. You'll have to enlighten me 

star gaze lily

Its supposed to be bad luck if someone is going up the stairs as someone else is coming down. Something my m and d said, they meant the house stairs. One of you had to go back up/down! Good job really you'd be there all day if it was in a shop etc! Not sure what happened if you crossed tho lol!


Morning all  Just back from the dentist - just a wee filling  so not too bad!

We have the passing on the stairs thing, but could have come from it being dangerous, none of us are small in our family! Passing involves squeezing past