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Hello all. Been cold overnight and at some point a frost, but it clouded over so now gone. Sun forecast.

Got the rest of pots to bubble wrap and leaves to rake. Must do some exercise to earn my marmalade bead & butter pudding 

Sir WW, if 200 arrived last night you'll have to get there early Christmas Eve to get a seat

Hope work okay today Fidget.

A big  for those who I haven't given a personal mention to.



Good morning all  sounds like a good evening all round - OHs snoring on sofas and gardeners in pubs  Just as it should be (I usually get it the wrong way around )

I shall make the bolognese this morning and leave it chuntering in the slowcooker, and prep the pud and leave it ready to pop in the oven when I get back this afternoon, as I've a visit to see the Aged Ps planned for later today. 

Sharp frost here last night, and Hefty Hedgehog is snug as a bug in a rug in his hedgehog home on the Shady Bank.  We'll pile some bean haulm around it when we take them down, just to keep the frost off it a bit more, as the planting around it isn't as established as I would like yet.  


Oh, hello KEF, didn't see you there 


Same here Dove

Hefty is one lucky hedgepig


He provides us with a great deal of entertainment  and when we moved here the garden was really overgrown - a lot of undergrowth and overgrown ivy hedging was dug out, so we feel that having caused such a change in Hefty's home circumstances, it's our responsibility to make sure he's cosy until the new planting is established and he can resume looking after himself a bit more.


Hello forkers

Frost this morning.  Lovely n sunny now. 

Couldnt get into my garden shed this morning.  Think someone is in there. It's locked from the inside. Will keep an eye open.  Had this once before and ended up feeding the guy for a few days.  But last night was cold so he/she could get a hot drink etc if they but knew. 

Looks like a nice weekend to come 


Verdun, are you pulling our legs? Maybe joking after logcabin jests? If not aren't you worried that the inhabitant will "borrow" some of your tools etc. when they vacate.

p.s. Good Morning

Woodgreen wonderboy

Take care Verd., please……not to blunt your good intentions to help someone in need, but to look after you too.

star gaze lily

Morning all. Bit of a bad nights sleep, got up for awhile about 3ish, so then overslept.  Very sunny day here in sussex.

I'm going to do a slow cooker meal too today, OH has just walked to village butchers for some lamb. 

Verdun, please be careful, that could be anybody hidinin there. Unless  Kef is right and you are playing jokes on us

Have a good day all.I


Beautiful morning here, however no gardening likely.  Have a day of chores today and then off to Nutcutlet country tomorrow - unfortunately for sad reasons - have a funeral to go to there on Monday.  Hoping to fit in a walk along Hunstanton beach for old times sake.


Think I'd knock on the door and shout, 'Tea up!' and leave a steaming mug of tea outside, and retreat well back indoors and watch from a distance ....

There are people who are down on their luck and who, for one reason or another, don't want to get into the 'Hostel' system - but it's as well to look out for yourself too - after all, who's going to hand out the cream buns at the Food Bank if Verdun's been bopped over the head and someone has made off with his Rolex!!!???


Chicky - travel safely tomorrow - hope all goes smoothly and that the weather stays fine for your walk on the beach - years since I've been there. ((hugs))


Chicky, sorry for your loss.


Re: Verdun and his lodger (s), I now doubt that he's joking. Best I can say is he sounds like a fit man and he has a dog. No doubt he'll lure he or she out with cakes.

Wouldn't have the problem here, I can only just wriggle into the shed.


Think Verdun's dog might lick any intruder to pieces 

As long as it was no one from our log cabin mistaking his shed for the 'Conveniences' 


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope Verdun has plenty of cake. It's really sad that some have to sleep rough in this weather if that is the case with Verdun's visitor.

Even here in tropical Cornwall we had a heavy frost last night. This was my pond just after nine this morning. Didn't feel too cold when I took the dog for a walk as there is not a breath of wind.

Going to a quiz night tonight at The Watering Hole. The only pub on the beach in England.

star gaze lily

Well its not me in the shed, but someone said the other day that they went out during the night in Verdun's garden  to spend a penny.  Oooops 


Good mornin' all and especially to Pottie Pam for recommending the 'Slime' which I've just used to repair the puncture in my wheelbarrow tyre - worked a treat so can now shift the 36 x 70 litre bags of compost which have been sitting on my drive all week!  After shifting that lot it's a day of shredding and planting out the last of the bulbs until it gets dark (so not long then at this time of the year!)

Just got back.  Had to go to town and take my dog.  My visitor has gone.  Got crumpets too,  ah well!  I have a feeling he or she will be back tonight so will keep an eye out.  Will get fish n chips if so 

Last evening a girl of about 20 called...ostensibly  presenting the Children's Society.  She said she wasnt asking for money but then asked for support for a children's rescue home for abused children.  It  didn't sound quite right but she had ID.  Maybe the visitor was her.  

Had a "visitor" at the time of the eclipse down here and he had a story that was believable and one I was sympathetic about.  He stayed another night ...not sure if it was actually 2 more nights......    He had his radio, sleeping bag etc and he had brekkie and hot meal in the evening.  He was quite happy.  We talked a lot and I think he just needed space to get his head around things. Gave him couple of quid for a lunchtime meal or two so he did pretty well.  Told him he could come again but he eventually went on his way.  


Look, we never know.....each of us....what will happen.  Looking back, I'm sure we have all had rough spells when a helping hand, a kind word or gesture made all the difference.

Heck!  What am I to do with all these crumpets?     Will make a start on them now 


morning all . sharp frost and sunny . put to some old discs out to save my holly berries