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star gaze lily

Thats so very kind of you Verdun,  what a lovely man you are. But  please take care


Verdun, if you visit this site and put your postcode in, you can check whether the Children's Society are collecting in your area this week.  

Sadly there are people out there using fake ID etc - some of them have fallen on hard times themselves, and some are just crooks  but many of them are being used by crooks to get money - sadly young girls are often exploited in this way by men to get money for drugs - sadly it usually ends up with the girl being prostituted by the man - pimping for drugs   I knew one of the girls who was murdered in Ipswich a few years ago - that was how she'd ended up in prostitution - she was a lovely lass. 

If you need help with toasted crumpets dripping with butter - I'm your woman!!!

Yes Dove.  I think the girl who called may be one on hard times herself.  

Maybe she will return later.  

Thanks for website


Hopefully it's just her and she's not being sent door to door by someone else.  

Any crumpets left?


Good day

Oh Verdun do take care, am so suspicious these days.

And Chicky you also take care.

What a lovely day. Thta glorious sunny, crisp autumn days that you get sometimes.

Have raked the leaves front and back.

Started on front to see how back was and it's fine (phew). Raked the leaves into ridges lawn mower width and then OH goes along with mower on highest setting and the leaves get chopped and picked up. Trouble is i was  then left with the acorns the mower wouldn't pick up, still they were easily cleared and bnned.

Waiting for bacon sarnie now - then will give rhubarb bed a quick clear and mulch.


Feel so clear headed and positive now I can get out 


star gaze lily

Take care Matty, glad your on the mend.


  crumpets, yum yum, any left?            



Chicky will be thinking of you? Such sad times, take care.












I have a funeral to go to this week too. My dear friends husband. We have been friends since meeting at school about 5 or 6. She meet her husband when we were 18. So very sad and much too early.

star gaze lily

Ooops sorry, its really playing up today, keeps getting jumbled and sometimes words not being typed took awhile to type  


Lily sorry also for your loss.


Well all about done in the garden, all pots wrapped, maybe some fleece if it gets really bad. GH's snuggled up. Only got to move solar lights and turn compost bins, cover bench & chimnea tomorrow. Don't know if I feel pleased or sad

Guess it's time to bite the bullet and start indoor jobs that I've managed to ignore, sorted some stuff for charity shop in preparation for decorating, not the best time I know, but garden takes priority.

Verdun, I need to ask you, my Agastache mexicana "red fortune" is now in GH, it still has some flowers. Should I deadhead it as & when? Or does it need cutting back ?  Must say I didn't notice the scent from it when it was outside, now I can, not the most pleasant, or is that just my nose?

Not cooking tonight will order an Indian meal, dancing & Dr.Who  Must remember to record program about the comet 9pm BBC2, I think.

Have a good evening all.

star gaze lily

Evening everyone,  brrrrrrrrrrr  its cold today.

Bit of a lazy day today, bit of housework this morning, then a few phone calls and reading the papers. With cups of tea and crumpets.


forward to doves pudding later.                                                     How are you Verdun?  


Oh yes, I want to record that too, and I'm going to record the Stonehenge programme.

By the time I got to the Aged Ps they were having an after lunch nap, so I liberated a Fennel & Chilli Handmade Scotch Egg from the Deli and went and sat by the harbour and watched the gulls and turnstones for an hour - gorgeous

 Hope you've all had a lovely day too.

((hugs)) to those who need them.

star gaze lily

My thingbob is all over the place today!  

Thank you Dove. Hope your Pa and Ma are well.


Well, Ma thinks she's been in bed for the past couple of days with a virus (she hasn't - she's fine) and Pa is fine too, but is so incensed by England's cricketing performance, he's threatening to get his bat and go to Oz and help them out, after all, as he said, he couldn't do much worse! 


Dove bless them both

Lovely pic & lovely sounding scotch egg

Lily, you been on the pop?  Must be so frustrating.



Table set, pudding in the oven, ragu alla Bolognese simmered to perfection, spaghetti pot on the hob, bottle of Australian Merlot open and being tasted (although why we should drink their wine at the moment I don't know )

So if those of you who are feeling hungry would like to go and wash your hands .... 



had a good time in the garden, raked all the leaves and then OH mowed up the piles. Chops the leaves, saves bending (purportedly) and takes up less room in leaf bin.

I then had to get down on my knees and scrape up the acorns, AGAIN

This afternoon I dug over the rhubarb bed which has largely been ignored (new plants). 3 big clumps of nettles later it is clear and soil is looking quite good, I have popped alot of odd amounts of surplus compost on it during th summer.

Found a half empty bag of daff bulbs so put them in and a pot with small white bulbs with root clumps coming (no idea what they are) so sprinkled them about and poked them in. Should hav a surprise come spring (maybe)

Had a good day 

Knitting now so back tomorrow


The agastaches have different foliage scents.....liquorice, citrus, mint etc.  ....depending on variety.  Perhaps your variety, one I don't grow, has no foliage scent. Many of the newer ones do.  

Yes, I cut off flowers, flower stems and dead foliage.  I will keep mine dryish but water a little if it looks too dry.

Been a gorgeous day here today but clear skies and no wind so I guess cold again tonight .

No sign of my "visitor" yet 



Didn't get anywhere near garden again today, fingers croossed for tomorrow. Went to a great party last night, friends birthday. Saw lots of old faces. Tired today. Have a good eve.
Gardengirl , hope you find your way here soon

Hello all

I made it here thanks for the link dove, tried all what MrsGarden was saying before I posted but forum would not let me get here, but I am here now

Matty2 the white bulbs could be bluebells

Here is a picture of my bug box I put up yesterday in the back garden