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Hello all, less than half hour to go till new gardening prog, I am excited

Been checked out hanging baskets at Woolston station looking really good still that is great and then Sholing station to plant out some more plants - planted rest of yours fidgetbones thank you and some from home cleared some leaves of flower area and cleared rubbish as well.

Made a nice dinner sausage rolls mash and chicken in white sauce all in pie made it up for dinner  


I went to a local garden centre. Not many plants outside apart from xmas trees, but I did pick up 2 hellebores, with flower buds on, at £3.99 each. Most of inside appears to be xmas oriented, eventually I gave up and asked someone where the onion seeds and labels were.A small rack of Robinsons seeds in front of the customer service desk, and labels in the opposite corner to where they were in September.However , I'm ready to start making the labels for next year now, and I have good onion seed.


Not read posts, will catch up tomoz', been manic day,  just saying have a good evening all.


Hello all  Exhausted from queuing for car park (40 mins at 9.30am on a Monday!), Christmas shopping, hair cut, lunch with friend and then more shopping. When I got home OH cooked a pizza and made me a large  G&T.  I am now on the sofa with my feet up and I am not going to move ......................... 

Well I have enjoyed the first programme really wanted to watch it today on tv - the new garden show, Just have to sort out recording tomorrow's show and the rest of the days of the week one by one as not enough room on one dvd disk.

Really like the way this programme was shown really informative, less rubbish up the station now there is a flower bed with plants - gardening is so helpful and enjoyable for people to look at


Oh heck!  Forgot about the new prog 

oh no Verdun - you can watch it on iplayer

Verdun - remember it is on every night at 7pm this week don't miss it, it is good


OK , Verdun, while you are here. Today a bought a Helleborus niger, and a H. sternii silver dollar. Both have flower buds on. As the silver dollar has nice silver leaves, do I leave them on or cut them off?

Hi all, busy weekend and not up to speed with the posts, but I'll do my best, apologies for those missed.
FG - general comments seem to be to whip off the h leaves, says she who is yet to love them...
Stacey- loved pic of lo and tree.
Missed pics commented on about diving and chickys tree.
Hope all fellow stressheads are on the up! Strange when you have a run of good days then for no reason at all have a few rubbish ones.
Watched new garden revival programme which gave a wonderful boost to the mood, so much so that it inspired me to change my gardening ways, well for now just inspired to create new thread dedicated to it !!!
Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Fidget - don't cut the leaves off the niger - i think it is only the oriental hybrids you do that to. Not sure about the silver dollar, as not sure what sort it is.

Oh chicky, such a lot to learn - so a hellebores not just a hellebore then, maybe if I end up liking the ones I've got I might (just might) look into different and seemingly exciting varieties for next year.

The niger variety are also called Christmas rose - they have different sorts of flowers - all white and don't stand up so straight.  Also flower a bit earlier (although never at Christmas for me).  The orientals are also called Lenten - and flower later (although normally earlier than Lent - whoever dreamt up the names must have been a bit confused!!).  These are the ones that are white, pink or purple, and seem to cause the most excitement.  Here endeth the lesson

Ah, oh dear! My yet to inspire me ones are probably the Niger which are now leafless. On the positive side, I'll not miss them if removing the leaves wasn't a good idea, just get rid next year and yipee more room for something new which does inspire me! Here is my lesson - there's a positive in all things!

Fidget, no leave the leaves on.  Slightly different.  Remove old leaves stems n flowers at same after flowering in spring



The new garden revival programme is being postponed a couple of times this week as they are showing Nelson Mandela programmes instead as he died on Thursday. I don't mind waiting. He was a great man.

I spent the day collecting my car from Vierzon, 3 hours drive away, as it had been repaired after a lorry exhaust pipe flew into the front of it. Except it took over 5 hours as there was a demo from the farmers about taxes and they'd blocked the motorway with tractors.


Thanks, Verdun, I thought you would know.I gather the silver dollar also has to be in a sunnier position than the orientals.


Evening Forkers  Am all ready for Christmas with no nasty roots! 

Have the new gardening prog on series link so I can enjoy at my leisure!

See for a quick catch up in the morning!

Oh Lizzie, you are having a terrible time with that car! My passenger door was damaged on Thursday in the wind so im taking it in tomorrow for an insurance quote. Mum opened the door and the wind whipped it out of her grasp, checked it at the time and thought it was just superficial damage but when I tried to open it yesterday realized it was knac, err broken.
Hope you enjoy the programme when you get it shown, not checked if they are running to plan here, hope series link takes care of it automatically if they are rescheduled.
Hmmm, im sure I said good night about 3 hours ago...