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Been a cold wind here but sunny and have been tidying around the garden, some parts of grass still out of bounds but getting better.

Lovely looking cake Fairy, but I've had a scone, with jam & fresh cream, well I was having half as it was huge but something happened and OH's piece now looks a bit small. 

Matty, beautiful Hellebore.

Just off to look at camera thread ...Did someone say Pimms


Plenty left - think those naughty boys are watching rugby or the Olympics just now so we should be safe for a while.....


In that case... I'd like a slice of cake to go with my coffee please.

 Matty I really like that hellebore. Does it have a name.?

star gaze lily

Was just about to ask the same thing fidget. Its very pretty  Matty.

Dove, The tu-tu looks like cake icing,



Back from lovely lunch with 2 sons and DILs and adorable granddaughter (2), who seemed very pleased to see her Granny. Each DIY is expecting, May and July. We went to a little Chinese place.

Really pretty hellebore, I want one. On way home stopped at supermarket for bread, found they had pots of Marmite, hurray I was nearly out, and they were setting up their gardening sale. I bought a large cottage garden pink. Something I don't have. Only 4€ (£3.30) and should be able to take cuttings.


It's just called a Credale (or similar) double. They had lots of different ones. I think it must be a nursery that propagates there own and some come out really good. Think this one was spectacular and was looking for a double. May have escaped the folk who look for winning ones.

Bought it from a local nursery.

I have 3 now (different sorts)waiting till I can plant them. This one though I am considering putting in a pot then  can bring it onto the patio just when winter needs a cheer up

Whoops just realised there is a hellebore thread.

Off for a bath now - hard day in garden


Credale nursery is near to Hereford. It looks like a good source for anyone in the area.


I have hellebore envy too Matty - that one is a stunner

Planted my primroses, violas, Mrs Betty and some daffs for indoors.  a couple of my outdoor daffs are showing their first yellow, and just been for a good long tramp to help littlest chicklet break in some new walking boots (DofE looms). Think i might have to have a snooze .

Stacey Docherty



Evening all busy day in the garden ... Put my 24 GW strawberries into the strawberry barrel, transplanted aqueligas, potted bare root astrantia, potted new gosseberry, planted new chilli seeds a friend sent me ( satans kiss) and some more cherry bombs and some pepper and tomato seeds oh and tomatillo seeds. Then enjoyed my garden........

 White harvington double 

 Pink and white harvington double 

 My fave black hellinore  that was crossed with the one above 

 A red harvington double 

 My majestic old fave!

One of my hellibore x babies

 And my latest slug deterant!!!


hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather today



Stacey - those hellebores are gorgeous!!!


That snail would scare of anything.


The ones I have here are that size Stacey...

Love that really black one. I'm sure you don't really need it though, do you? I can give it a home.... 

chicky- sorry to be thick -  what does D of E mean? 


Back from the cinema, had a lovely afternoon and the girls enjoyed the film. 

If the tree icon starts working again (it seems to be having a break at the mo) then I might put some pics on . . . 

OH watching the rugby so I put my new seeds and feeders out. Hopefully the blue tits will spot them and show the sparrows what to do! Or at least that's what seemed to happen then I put them out originally 

Stacey Docherty

I love the black one fairy you are welcome to one of its babies!!!!! They are crosse with the harvington pink double just above it so who knows ..... Failing that I will send you some seeds later in the year if you like...... They are all new planted next year so haven't seen most in flower Most of the harvington a are from a hayloft offer!!!!



Fairy - sorry, jargon alert - Duke of Edinburgh - the scheme that makes teenagers tramp round the countryside with rucksacks on their backs, sleep under canvas, and (and this is the most arduous bit ) survive a weekend without their phone 

Stacey Docherty

Lol and the snail is a joke Xmas pressie from my mum as we have a Xmas decoration competition every year for the oddest one and I sent her glass (red and actually v pretty) snail baubles lol..... I like him just need a name for him!!!

star gaze lily

Stacey, gorgeous hellebores, love the Majestic one.

What a lovely friendly thread again.

Stacey Docherty

Lol oh chicky I remember those trips lmao we did our in wales and thought it would be a great idea to walk all day with our heavy rucksacks weighed down with cider!!! got soooooo drunk I fell over a cliff broke my leg ( thought I was a cat and landed on my feet!!) and had to be airlifted out! Needless to say never got the award!

chicky wrote (see)

 and (and this is the most arduous bit ) survive a weekend without their phone 


Some seeds would be  lovely Stacey. That's very kind of you.

I think you should call him Steve.

Or Spencer