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Matty - that looks absolutely gorgeous 


Matty - they didn't have Pimms - only coffee. Although with that cold wind down there they could probably have done with something a little stronger 

Glad you're doing fine. 

star gaze lily

Hello Matty, good to see you again, hope all is going ok, best wishes.

Lol, I thought you said Pimms too fairy, i'll have one too please I

Lovely and sunny here, but garden is far too wet to go for a wander out there. Hopefully with a bit more sun we can get out there soon. OH only got a few holes in at golf, far too wet under foot, he was surprised course was open.

Time for a cuppa, ...........too early for cake?


Never too early for cake lily 

Rain's back on here so I'll have a slice of this with my tea



and peace at last....

I'm back from work. I did the petrol fill up and  bought some beef fat to make bird cake with. 1 Kilo of beef fat £1.40. The checkout operator gave me a funny look. No, I'm not putting it in the chip pan.

OH is watching men squabbling in the mud with a funny shaped ball. Time for feet up and a nice coffee.



Have some cake fidge. 

Working on Saturdays - I remember that all too well 

I'm sure there's ironing or some sort of housew**k needs doing but....


wash your mouth out with Pimms,fairygirl. H**** work indeed.


Bathroom de-scaled - now I feel 

Cuppa anyone?

star gaze lily

Oooh thank you fairy, that looks yummy! 


Matty - that hellebore is so scrumptious I could eat it!

Had a great morning finishing cutting contoneaster hedge/bush.

The grass is growing and it will be hard to cut when it gets dryer/warmer.

No sign of any frog spawn yet.   Has anyone else seen any?


It's ok fidget - I talk a good game.  I fixed the loo, and after going to the bank and the nursery I did a washing, so I've done my bit for today...  

Another cuppa sounds good Dove 


I think I deserve a slice of cake too - is there any left?  We'll have to be quick 'cos Verdun, Punkdoc and Woody can usually smell cake ........


Been a cold wind here but sunny and have been tidying around the garden, some parts of grass still out of bounds but getting better.

Lovely looking cake Fairy, but I've had a scone, with jam & fresh cream, well I was having half as it was huge but something happened and OH's piece now looks a bit small. 

Matty, beautiful Hellebore.

Just off to look at camera thread ...Did someone say Pimms


Plenty left - think those naughty boys are watching rugby or the Olympics just now so we should be safe for a while.....


In that case... I'd like a slice of cake to go with my coffee please.

 Matty I really like that hellebore. Does it have a name.?


star gaze lily

Was just about to ask the same thing fidget. Its very pretty  Matty.

Dove, The tu-tu looks like cake icing,


Back from lovely lunch with 2 sons and DILs and adorable granddaughter (2), who seemed very pleased to see her Granny. Each DIY is expecting, May and July. We went to a little Chinese place.

Really pretty hellebore, I want one. On way home stopped at supermarket for bread, found they had pots of Marmite, hurray I was nearly out, and they were setting up their gardening sale. I bought a large cottage garden pink. Something I don't have. Only 4€ (£3.30) and should be able to take cuttings.


It's just called a Credale (or similar) double. They had lots of different ones. I think it must be a nursery that propagates there own and some come out really good. Think this one was spectacular and was looking for a double. May have escaped the folk who look for winning ones.

Bought it from a local nursery.

I have 3 now (different sorts)waiting till I can plant them. This one though I am considering putting in a pot then  can bring it onto the patio just when winter needs a cheer up

Whoops just realised there is a hellebore thread.

Off for a bath now - hard day in garden


Credale nursery is near to Hereford. It looks like a good source for anyone in the area.