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Sleep well Tracey, Verd and Kef  Off to bed now for Panda 

Orchid Lady

Me too, I think I might need plenty of tea (can't do Coffee in a delicate state) and cake in the morning.....just a slight hint for those up before me 

Night all x

Orchid Lady

Verdun, I missed your post, I think we crossed. I'm glad I can still see the real you, I did check properly before ignoring 

Night x

star gaze lily

Tracey, when you press the ignore button you can't see them, but they can see you.

Sounds like you had a lovely night, sleep well.

I fell asleep on the sofa, not done that for awhile, didn't know Brumbull had returned. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh,  but I don't feel sorry for him, I just think he's a bully.

Nite nite all, see you all tomorrow. x


Hi everyone.I'm still trying but having the same problem.Ithought I was ok as I can post on other threads.It seems it just oes not want me on here.Only joking.Have PM'd Daniel so hoping he can sort it out.Am still up watching Richard Jacksons garden on QVC.Think I might order the diascias.Will decide in the morning.Thank you for all your kind comments about my garden the other day.Will post now while the goings good.



Can't believe it got through.Will try again later.Off to bed now.


Not read all the posts, can't catch up with the thousands I've missed! But all seems to be about Brumbull. Just posted on the jokes forum.

Lily, I suppose by keep changing his name, he can see everything except PMs?

I had thought he was a nice, funny guy when I first got on here. I did keep getting pm from someone who kept changing his name. They got a bit personal so I just ignored them, could this be the same sad, pathetic person? Came across as sad dirty old man


Pennine Petal

Hello Jeannie, thought I was the only one around. Up at 5, couldn't sleep. Another cuppa called for, I think.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all ignore button activated on the verdun wanna be !!!! Really tgat person needs to seek professional help..... I mean this is amusing for a kid but as a grown up finding such joy in it and the need to do it on a regular basis is shocking and psychologically their need for attention good or bad it worrying!!!!!

thanks for bulb advice I will be putting in the ground later..... 


Good morning all  - seems I missed  'something'

It seems to have been sorted  Hurrah! and Thanks to Daniel! and any/everyone else who is involved in supporting us on this Forum. 

Now for coffee and gardening matters!  Temp in the garden went down to 1.9C last night which is roughly what it's been for the past 3 nights, but it's up to just over 7C already this morning - does this presage a warm day ahead?

Stacey Docherty

Mmmmmm dove I wish big grey clouds overhead Just did my coffee round of the garden and some anemones are flowering hurrah!!!! Lo has a headache and sniffly nose so I'm in for a day of fun here! May get time to put my gladioli bulbs in thou!!!!


Morning Stacey - poor snuffly Lo!  My daughter is snuffly too - but she's a very grown up girl so her hub will have to look after her  

Cloudy here too but .... ever hopeful   at least the year's moving in the right direction!

Stacey Docherty

Yeah early spring I think but I won't lie I still think we have a cold snap to come. We have had very few...... My lo is pestering me to plant her carrots bless her 


I'm still being very wary Stacey - but I am going to make sowing and planting plans today - I  am,  I am ............. 


Morning all.

The weird posts have been removed, but Morning Forkers and Evening Forkers still say it was Verdun (must be the false one) who started them, not Brumbull who really did start them. Did Brumbull take Verdun's name and also added a few others or has someone hi-jacked Brumbull?


star gaze lily

Morning all, dry and looks quite promising out there today. Still far too wet to get out in our garden. Still hardly any bulbs coming through, think all the rain in the garden has rotted them 

Gardenjeannie, sorry, i went to bed so didn't see your question. No he can't see pms.

Just a little bit of housework this morning, if the weather stays dry OH and i might go to a NT park for a walk.

Hope you all have a lovely day see you later.


Morning Lizzie   

I can't find the start of the Morning or Evening Forkers threads - if I search for the threads they come up but without any contributions from B.    

I think what's happened is that B posted as Verdun last night, changing his name on his settings - Daniel has done something to deal with that but for some reason you can still see B's name where he's changed it to V.  

I hope and imagine something can and will be done next week to remove him totally, but what has been done is fantastic - especially as B targetted the forum over the weekend in the thought that he would be able to wreak havoc.  Good for Daniel - he is due a huge vote of thanks.!!!

Busy, best just to forget Brumbull whatever he may do.  No, I didn't start morning and evening Brumbull has been tinkering    Just accept one guy  matter what name he responsible.  Nobody is hijacking Brumbull.....there is no mystery Busy.  Don't waste your energy trying to figure him out.  It feeds his ego to see his name mentioned here.

Windy here, dry and fairly warm. carrots too but a tad early.  I eat  loads of carrots in the summer...sweet, raw and better than sweets.  Prob so my first batch next month 

star gaze lily

Morning Dove, Busy and Verdun.

Dove, I found those threads last night by going into my notifications. He had put a few quotes on each of his threads, but they've probably gone now.

Hope this all stops now, he needs to grow up.