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Thanks Chicky and Nut. I'm off to bed now. Goodnight. x


Very sad - he should get himself a garden - it does wonders

Saw a guy wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Gardening - cheaper than a therapist and you get tomatoes too!"..

Time for bed, Goodnight everyone

iGrow wrote (see)
Saw a guy wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Gardening - cheaper than a therapist and you get tomatoes too!"..


I like that

Night all


I've reported him too and had a chat with local member .....hopefully he will find out some info and take it from there.  

In a strange way I feel sorry for this guy...but now he just wants to upset people

iGrow wrote (see)
Saw a guy wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Gardening - cheaper than a therapist and you get tomatoes too!"..


Love it.

Night night all, finally had the last evening of B/day celebrations, couldn't last another. See you in the morning, please don't make much noise

Orchid Lady

At risk of déjà vue, I have just got in from a night out and can't believe what is going on (re KEF's post last night!). 

What an utter muppet 'Verdun' is, just do one, go and find some real friends and leave us and the real Verdun to it!!!  I really actually do believe that it may be this 'muppet' in need of help but instead he preys on the weaknesses of others.  Sorry if I offend anyone, I have had a few drinks, have had a s*** day, come on here to catch up with the days events from my new friends, only to find the muppet has returned    Also apologies for typos, ipad is terrible with auto correct and I'm not in the best frame of mind to check!!!  Let's hope peace is resumed tomorrow.  

OMG, just read back,  thought Nudrev was our real Verdun...,,,,what a muppet I am!!!  Cyber bullies are so evil and there was me thinking I had to watch my children and what they do when actually they exist in the adult world too, a very very sad place right now 

Orchid Lady

Everyone, I have now ignored Verdun the imposter so I don't think he can read this.  For anyone unsure, if you click on the name if the poster ie Verdun, it comes up with the info etc, the real Verdun is from Cornwall and has the same info as before,  the imposter has 'more coming soon' so that's the one to ignore.  He has made quite a few posts tonight, including about cake etc (sorry if I'm repeating earlier posts).  Anyway, thought I would try to help.

He can't post as me because he isn't dippy enough LOL!!!  

Night all, catch up tomorrow.



Tracey, things have been fine through the day. I can't see what upset has happened this last evening, like 2 hrs ago, not Friday night. Think we should get some sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

Sleep well  Chat tomorrow.

Hic, hic. Tracey.   It will all be sorted.  Hope you enjoyed your night out.

 Funny, I have just ignored the false Verdun and it was so weird apparently ignoring myself.  Just check the number of posts and info about me first before ignoring "me" though.

(he actually seemed a nice guy when he first posted and started some imaginative posts so it's a pity it's all gone pear shaped)

Orchid Lady

Unless I'm more drunk than I thought, I read it that someone had posted as Verdun, when it wasn't actually Verdun?  The post saying Stacey is his favourite and also a couple of others I've found, one about cake.....they aren't Verdun, they are the 'muppet' again!!!!

I think maybe both if us won't want much noise tomorrow KEF  But I do need to be up early in the garden (fingers crossed re the weather) as today didn't go to plan 


Sleep well Tracey, Verd and Kef  Off to bed now for Panda 

Orchid Lady

Me too, I think I might need plenty of tea (can't do Coffee in a delicate state) and cake in the morning.....just a slight hint for those up before me 

Night all x

Orchid Lady

Verdun, I missed your post, I think we crossed. I'm glad I can still see the real you, I did check properly before ignoring 

Night x


star gaze lily

Tracey, when you press the ignore button you can't see them, but they can see you.

Sounds like you had a lovely night, sleep well.

I fell asleep on the sofa, not done that for awhile, didn't know Brumbull had returned. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh,  but I don't feel sorry for him, I just think he's a bully.

Nite nite all, see you all tomorrow. x


Hi everyone.I'm still trying but having the same problem.Ithought I was ok as I can post on other threads.It seems it just oes not want me on here.Only joking.Have PM'd Daniel so hoping he can sort it out.Am still up watching Richard Jacksons garden on QVC.Think I might order the diascias.Will decide in the morning.Thank you for all your kind comments about my garden the other day.Will post now while the goings good.


Can't believe it got through.Will try again later.Off to bed now.


Not read all the posts, can't catch up with the thousands I've missed! But all seems to be about Brumbull. Just posted on the jokes forum.

Lily, I suppose by keep changing his name, he can see everything except PMs?

I had thought he was a nice, funny guy when I first got on here. I did keep getting pm from someone who kept changing his name. They got a bit personal so I just ignored them, could this be the same sad, pathetic person? Came across as sad dirty old man


Pennine Petal

Hello Jeannie, thought I was the only one around. Up at 5, couldn't sleep. Another cuppa called for, I think.