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Kef- back to the naughty step for you lady!

Enjoy your booze those that are having it 

Here is my lovely planter:

If anyone recognises the plants on the right hand side I'd love to know what they are 


p.s Fidget I've had to put sieve over one lily pot as B birds love digging in it. Don't like others.  Hope it doesn't mean v weevil, just that I have daft B birds.


Panda, looks lovely, well done, can't think of name just yet.

KEF , I said naughty step!!!!

Look what I found... 


star gaze lily

Kef, tsk tsk 

Panda looks lovely, not sure what they are but looks great.  Got a feeling varigated one  and the one on my right with the flowery spikey thingy get quite big tho, but could be wrong. But looks lovely 

MrsG thats lovely, where was that hiding 



Looks like Lobelia cardinalis on the end Panda -  but not 100% sure.

I'm off to watch the Don Giovanni thing with Rolando on Beeb 2.

Enjoy your evening everyone. 


I think Fairy has it  (following a google search by me). 


Hey guess what - I'm on a train again !  On my way to meet Chicklet, who is at a concert in London, and her overprotective mother won't let her travel home from London, at midnight, on her own. I am in the doghouse, but don't care.  Am armed with gardening mags, coffee, and you lot to keep me company.


Great planter Panda - love all the shades of dark red and mauve - very classy

Orchid Lady

Hello everyone  Looks like everyone has had busy days, read most of the posts but can't quite work out what KEF has been up to 

Lovely planter Panda.

Have a fab night Potty (you are probably already out by now).

Well, I had a fab night, my favourite hotel was even better than ever, the meal was delicious and had a lovely potter around Grasmere yesterday afternoon.  The only downside was leaving fairly early this morning as it was the last away match of the season and I said OH could go to Wigan, On the plus side my boys went too so I have had an afternoon of peace in the garden 

Got loads done.  Attacked the dreaded weed in my veg patch, pulled up loads of roots so hopefully that will keep it at bay for a couple of weeks again 

Then re-potted tomatoes, courgettes, chillies, Cosmos and all in the GH (oh, except chillies), it actually resembles a very full GhH now and I have had to take my thinking chair out!!

My perennials also arrived from T&M so I have repotted all those too, also in the GH.

When he got back big boy helped me saw a pallet up to make a platform for my tomatoes, it's all coming along nicely.

Just off to pick up little man from a party and then off for a soak and wine while I await for OH to stumble in 

star gaze lily

Hi chicky, you take care too.

Hi OL, glad you had a lovely time.


Thanks Chicky  What/who has Chicklet gone to see? My dad drove up to London to rescue us when some friends and I missed the last train home 

OL glad you had a good break 


Hi Chicky, hope youre not too bored on the train, must be a long journey if youre not meeting chicklet til 12.00

OL result - a good night away and a good afternoon in garden!

Panda, my lobeliia penstemon looks like the one on the right, although not looked name up just Fg reminded me.


Thanks MrsG  I think I'll wait for the flowers to decide  

What is the plant in the picture you put on?



h.hmmm... sweet pea climbing up a twisted hazel 

just DON'T tell me this one isn't a blinkin sweet pea !!!!!!!!!!! 


She's at Mcbusted - and i am now happily ensconced in Starbucks at the o2 - with carrot cake - can't be bad !  She should be out about 11ish and then we start the battle to get home

Sounds like you had a great time OL - love the lakes, but rarely get up there any more.  Used to have an Aunt who lived inBarrow, who we stayed with alot.  How were your 48 perennials when they arrived ?  Mine are growing away well - especially the geums



DEFINITELY a sweetpea MrsG

Orchid Lady

The perennials were ok Chicky, not at all how I expected but then I have never ordered plugs before.  I have put them in one of those seeds trays with individual cells for now, partly because I have run out of bigger pots and needed to put them somewhere, I expect I will need to pot them on again next weekend. I thought the way they were packaged was quite cute 

Just catching up on GW with a glass of wine......OH in a curry house in Preston   Oh no......Monty Don talking about Clematis 

chicky big grin party smiley !!!!
OL must have missed Monty talking about clems, will look again.