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Good luck for tomorrow Woody.  Saw GW tonight....the piece about alpines has whetted/renewed my appetite to grow them again.  

Clari, I got worms too 


Morning all, raining again. Must nip out and give tulips a gentle shake.

Happy birthday to Ma Dove

Sir Woody I've got the rain so you will have a dry day, hope it goes well.

Will be back later


Morning everyone.

Yes Chicky, I keep the same sort of diary in photos but also for progress results. It's marvellous to see and enjoy everything so much earlier but does that mean we do the chelsea chop earlier than chelsea?

Rainy here but my bum is quite comfy in its computer chair today.

Happy B day to Dove's mum.

Have a great day Wood!

Panda, what AT program did you watch and is it to do with gardening? I'm desperate and will take practically any TV entertainment that includes green and sprouting things.



It is very moist outside. 

Might stay in bed!


Good morning all 

I'm sure Ma would thank you for your birthday wishes - if she remembered!!!   So I'll thank you on her behalf 

A lovely morning here, but showers are forecast - one more coffee needed and then some errands to run - will the rain hold off until I've got time to get into the garden and sow those wax beans ?????


Morning everyone

Wet here.  Heavy rain and a weekend of it too I think

This Chelsea chop thing.  It's a bit instinctive I think. It depends on the plant too.  If a sedum like autumn joy is making lots of tall growth now I will simply cut it back hard anytime in the next 4 weeks or so.  During summer when argyranthemums,,for example, are slightly waning, I cut back hard and they will then flower again in 3 weeks or so and do so until the autumn.  

Hmmmm!  Now hearing the forecast.......lovely 


Good morning Verdun

My Autumn Joy didn't survive the winter - another unnamed sedum also succumbed 


Very dark and dull here and there's been a lot of rain but hopefully it will dry up. Might have to go to the nursery then if there's nothing to do but h****work....

Wintersong- think it's the Love your Garden series - repeats though I expect if it's ITV3.

Hope Woody's day goes well. Off for a catch up 

Erythroniums on Beechgrove as well so make sure you catch it tomorrow.


Hi all, I've sorted the tulips which were getting weighed down with water. Still raining quite heavily. OH says he's not surprised at the weather as the paeony are ready to open and it usually means rain.

Today is the fortnightly visit by my bro' to help with some gardening at Mum's so another visit when nothing gets done.  I wonder if he's been doing a rain dance.

Some shopping to do as I forgot some stuff in the week.


Have good day Woody 


That's it KEF show off at what you're getting done whike we're still lazing in bed.

Hope your brother gets an avcidental wallop around the head with a spade that makes him more useful!


Clari, I'm not dressed yet been out in dressing gown & fleece Like the wallop idea


morning all . damp and dark here too . re think plans for today .compost bin  to empty and restart , more tubs to fill . got a load off charcoal last week cheap  so this damp weathers my fault. 


star gaze lily

Morning all, pouring down here and has been all night. Large puddles everywhere again, will it ever dry out? 

Happy birthday Dove's mummy, very best wishes.

Looks like a h****work day today, or perhaps a trip to gc might pop back to SM, wished i'd got 2 acers yesterday now at that price.

Good luck woody, hope its dry where yoy are.



archie - we forgive you. 

Good day here for getting weed and feed done so I might do that later if the weather's suitable. Seeds to sow so I can do that indoors, and if it stays fine for ten minutes I've another trellis finished that can go on the fence.

KEF  - my sister would be the same  


Morning everyone. 

happy birthday Dove's ma, what  a celebration, 90 years old! Bet there'll be cake!

Woody, hope all goes well, lots of happy gardeners with great purchases and lots of money is made.

Kef - all your bro' needs is a raincoat with a hood and a pair of wellies!!!

OH thinking about doing arches 2&3 today, after all he can't go out on bike in the wet, can't get his precious wet or dirty can he? 

After all this rain I'm regretting not getting round to supporting paeonies yet 

Must get out and on with stuff before it starts raining again, but I have got wellies and raincoat with hood ready, can lend it your bruv later KEf! 


star gaze lily

The postman just arrived! I got a pressie through the post from a very kind forker!  Thank you so very much, I am very grateful. Here's a cyber thankyou gift,....... you know who you are


 Thank you, means a lot x

star gaze lily

Got so excited, I forgot to say, I got my free countryfile wild flower seeds in the post too