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Steve 309

You can do the decorating in the winter Clari.  Summer is for gardening (and sailing.......tricky....)


Clari If you don't decorate until next year, the date it'll need re-doing is a year further away!  

That's what my builder said in March  when he booked us in for next January 


The rain isn't falling here it's bouncing back up   



Thunder, lightning, and chucking it down here.

and hail stones.

My cold is still streaming. I dont intend going out so I shouldn't pass it on to anyone.

I think today is a good day to stay in and read a book.



Sorry to hear that Fidget - that being said, keep it to yourself - last thing I want is an internet virus 



Hi all, I was popping back to say I thought the worst had passed by, but it's at it again.

Just rung Mum to check all's okay and have had 20 mins about how yet again the council haven't emptied her re-cycling bins and the pharmacy are wanting to change the day her prescriptions are delivered to the only morning she goes out. Think I have some phone calls to make this afternoon 

Fidget I hope your cold clears up soon, you need some sun to dry it 

Not much chance of a GH base getting done here for a while.


Stay inside and keep those bugs to yourself Fidget - just wrap yourself up in a blanket and rest a little with that good book (I can really recommend The Yorkshire Shepherdess as a light read).

Dove & Steve - I think it'll be winter at earliest! We need to remove the plaster off the walls in the master bedroom, hallway, and lounge so I think next Spring might be best so we can have the windows open to blast the dust through. (Lets not even mention the kitchen that's a full strip out floor ripped up, cooking on the BBQ for months, kind of job). Neither of us have much in the way of inclination knowing its going to be so disruptive!

Thunder still very much over head and causing an awful headache - the joys of being "delicate". Only the one power cut so far so alas they wont be sending us home just yet

Mrs G - seen your PM thanks. I'll email them for more information and hopefully they'll get back to me soon (left my phone at home so can't call them). As for if I should tell you how... We'll see (I have realised a big flaw in the plan).


Hello Forkers,after torrential rain here last night and this morning its clear up beautifully now.

I'm a bit disappointed, I put out yet another crop of peas I had chitted indoors (is that the right word and tense?) This is my third attempt now, and this morning all that was left were their roots.  The carrots have very low flying tiny little flies everywhere, which I suspect is carrot fly. So rather disheartened on the veg front.

Cheered myself up when I found a rather lovely dahilia called 'Juliet' with beauty dark purple stems and deep lilac flowers at the Co-op. So that gone on the patio in a pot. At least I know what I'm doing with pots..sort of.



Hi Caral bet you are

Peas, in my opinion it sounds very drastic for slugs / snail, or even birds, to scoff them all overnight. Never had them but could it be rabbits or mice?  I don't know but I'm sure someone will have an idea. You might just have greedy crawlers.

Your carrots does sound like root fly, I think maybe the damage is now done  How about sowing some more in a different place and putting some fleece over them and pegging it down, it's not too late to sow them. I grow only a few and in tubs as flies only reach up at certain height.

Clari this house isn't finished and we've been here 14 yrs


Home last night at 1am - up this morning at 5am .... Have come home early for a snooze



Thought no one had posted since this morning, my email notifications have stopped - again. Is it a Bank Hol in the UK? It is here.

Very hot and muggy, hazy sky 30°


Hi Lizzie not a bank holiday we've all been hiding in GH's or switched computers off in my neck of the woods weather been vile. Now got some sun and 24C, when I've just put the oven on

Chicky I've got old I couldn't have got up at 5am after 4 hrs sleep.

star gaze lily

Hi everyone, has been sunny all day but its starting to cloud over now 

No Busy Liz, not a bank hols, I've not had any notifications either since Friday.

Hope you feel better soon fidget, hugs.

Sorry to hear you have all had storms, but it looks like it might be here soon.


I'm getting intermittent emails  

Can I have some of the thunder and storms please? Is very humid here and I am dripping! I know we ladies aren't supposed to drip but please remember, I am wearing a fur coat! If only I could take it off 

Too hot to do anything . . . . 


Hi KEF, yes probably mice, or rats? Although the dog eat peas too but she eats everything root, leaf and all.

It was our first year at carrots but a nice idea to try them in a pot. Might even try peas in a pot. What do you think I could put in place of the carrots?  Could I try radishes? or parsnips? or would those darn flies get them too. Grrr!  


star gaze lily

Panda, ladies don't sweat or drip.....we glow...

Just come over very dark and has started to rain 


The storm has passed, it is now sunny, warm and very humid, sadly perfect weather for our slimy friends, I am sure I can hear them munching even now.

Off to cook tea after a little drinky I think.

have a good evening.


Sorry your OH was so generous fidget.  Summer colds are a misery.  (What summer?)

It's not been particularly warm today but it's stopped raining at last.  I'm about to go and pick up the dog from the groomers.  At least she won't get all the weed seeds stuck to her now and she'll look more like a dog than a sheep.  Ever thought of having your coat sheared Panda.

Yes punkdoc it is perfect weather for those simy things but I wouldn't call them friends  Perfect for our midges too. I've been bitten all over my face today and hardly been out..


Haven't checked back on posts. I don't usually watch the news, read it online. Watched it this teatime.

So shocked to to hear about Rik Mayall dying, only my age. Didn't find all his stuff funny but to me so sad so KEF years.   


Yes, sad isn't it - according to those who met him he was a really nice man, quiet and gentle.  He had that awful accident didn't he 

Just got to make some mint sauce .............