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Sue 17

Hello all - its a bit of an odd intro as I stumbled across this forum looking for something else - but what the heck....

I have been a mad keen gardener all my life but age and ill health has meant I am selling my home (in the family since the middle of last century) and parting with all the things collected over the years, and believe me when you have a collecting nature and a large property you can really get a lot of things together.

Anyway now I have decided that I will part with EVERYTHING and put myself and - my great dane in some sort of motorhome and set off for an adventure round europe before it is totally too late to do something like that

which leads me to the point of the post.  Hope its not too much of a cheek as a new poster - but here at my home next weekend there is to be a massive auction -  over 1100 lots and there are many really interesting garden things, as until now gardening has been my passion 

So there are seakale forcers, urns gazebos wheel barrows ....well I could go on and on.

 As well as the catalogued items there are a further 350 uncataloged garden tools and miscellaneous items being sold on the day from ring 2.

As I say I wouldnt normally do this but hopefully the mods wont mind and I will include a link to the online catalogue



An advert? back to my ignore button

Advert it may be but, assuming the sale is genuine, there's some interesting stuff there.  Maybe some bargains to be had.


Sue 17

Sorry - I did feel a bit guilty about doing this as an opening post and if you would all feel happier I will take it off.

I have been on a few of the gardening forums over the years when I was able to do more, but over the last year or so I have been able to manage less and less - I also was a member of many of the poultry forums and if you have posted on those you may know me as darkbrowneggs from when I kept Marans

This is a link to photos of my house, which has, I hope now been sold

but as I say if I have offended I am happy to remove the post 

Advert or not, if I lived nearby I'd go, it's not like the adverts we get selling kitchens now is it.

Enjoy your trip round Europe, Sue sounds like a nice adventure.  


lots of lovely things you hv there i wish you are jz next door so i can take over all the gardening stuffssss!!!


Your house and garden look lovely, but too far away for me. I think this is genuine and it must be quite upsetting to sell your lovely house and everything. It's not at all like the kitchen ads we get here.

Sue 17

It isnt a decision I have come to lightly - I have loved living here, but I am getting older and the family arthritis is kicking in.  I used to do so much.  The veg garden is about 1/4 acre with deep beds and a polytunnel and greenhouse,  There is a lovely little orchard with many fruit trees - even a mulberry tree with a seat round it.  In all there are about 9 acres and I used to keep sheep and pigs, all sorts of poultry - even a milking cow and made my own butter

Time has taken its toll, and now I just see all the things I would like to do and would have done easily in the past and can no longer manage, So in a way that is making it easier letting go.  

I like the idea of being somewhere new every few days.  All the work I did here plus running a business and in the last few years looking after an aged mum meant there was little time for me and certainly no chance of gettting away on holiday,

So the next few years will be making up for that - at least that is the hope 

There are heaps of lovely places to go in Europe for a few days. Europe is so mobile home the South of France you can pull into supermarket's for the night on route to places greener with a  mobile home  


What a beautiful place Sue, you must be so sad to leave it. I hope your travels will be most enjoyable.


I think sometimes people here can be a bit too quick to judge.  Here's a link that may reassure the doubters -,76919.msg202054/topicseen.html#new

Good luck Sue.  The sale will be a wrench but I applaud your bravery in making such a  decision.   Have a great time on your trip and make sure your dog has his passport and jabs kept up to date so he can travel safely with you.   If you get to Belgium when it's warmer, there are some good gardens to visit on this site - 


Sue 17

Thanks all - I am half excited / half nervous about the future, but at least it won't be boring.  But at the moment mostly exhausted with sorting everything out and trying to get everything moved out ready for the auction

There are quite a few plants in pots which didnt make it into the catalogue such as orange and lemon bushes, and agapanthus etc, and there is a biggish Trachycarpus palm which did

Probably a bit big to move unless you are fairly near - but I would like to see it go to a good home if you know what I mean

Sue 17

Hi all - just thought I would check back in to say auction all over now

It was a tremendously long day for the auctioneers who sold from 10 am to about 6.30  Great panic just before the sale started.  After 25 years here it had to be sat morning at 9.50 that a main fuse chose to blow.  Probably because so much power was being used but it was a major panic as there was no heating no lights and internet connection 

Anyway it got going in the end and once everyone has come to clear the last of their lots I should be left with an empty house.  If the sale of the property goes as planned I will moving out sometime before christman

If you want a look at where I live/lived this is a link,

the first photo are flowers from the garden new years day.  Each year on New Years Day I walked round the garden and picked one of everything that was in flower - I did start off pressing them , but it was a lot of work and then what do you do with them, but a nice flower arrangement at that time of year is always welcome especially as winter flowers from the garden are often sweetly scented.



Wishing you happiness for the future.


It's all so beautiful, you'll miss it so much, but I wish you much happiness in your adventures 


I looked at the photos it's all so lovely, how can you bear to leave? But good luck on your travels, should be very interesting and lots of other lovely things to look at.


Good luck for the future Sue 


Good luck Sue, travel safely!