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how long is the shelf life of hormone rooting powder  or gel when its been opened, if you use it do you buy new every year

Ive only ever had one pot of hormone rooting powder, it must be about 15 years old.


Cuttings either take or do not. Rooting powder, in my opinion, for most plants, is a placebo.


i am having trouble with my internet today, this question has posted twice for some reason


I haven't tried a controlled experiment between synthesised auxin-based powder and nothing. I've raced plants auxin v sugar but not in statistically significant numbers and it was a draw. I tested a fresh pot against one that was drowned, dried out and I had attempted to repowder and that again was a draw. 

I suspect the shelf life of the synthetic auxin powder will be when you have used it up.

A search on should yield more controlled scientific findings on the efficacy of sugars, auxins or neither on adventitious root formation..


Clonex one of the more common gels have a use by date on it  day month and year. .

You can always check how long left when buying it.It is only for one year from new

Powder might last longer but do not contaminate by dipping into main source.

Decant and keep the majority sealed and pristine.


Mine has no date so I think a new one is in order
Ive tried growing on cuttings with and without rooting powder and the results are the same. But what i have found is that if its a rose cutting rooting powder is a must. As for how long its lasts, store it like you would store seeds and it should last for years. Ive never used the gel.
I shoved a few rose clipping along the edge of my raspberry bed last year and they are growing well, I would post a picture but the menu bar has disapeared from my ipad


 from my other tablet, i have done this before without any sort of preparation to the cuttings and it works for me


Well done
Ive not had much luck with roses. Maybe ive been over complicating things.

The rose ive been taking cutting off is 53 years old. Maybe that makes it more difficult for cutting to take.

Try a few at the end of summer after flowering with new growth, I don't make a hole I just push them into the ground probably about six inches and forget about them till spring, I forget about a lot of things now 


Morning all,last year I contacted by email and phone all the hormone suppliers I could find, only one replied this one I already knew and was in Nottingham, and at the moment its raining at last erein Muns Norfolk so im in doors for a bit sharpening secutairs and stuff so I cant remember the name of the company at pres and the hormone powder is in the greenhouse BUT they contacted me and assured me that the recommended shelf life which they agreed to put on the label in future was( 2 TWO ) years after which is pot luck,.,straight from the horses mouth you might say,2 years and they thought this was an average time for any H/Powder....


thanks Alan i am wondering if its realy worth using it at all now,i asked the question because i am going to take cuttings from my over wintered chrysanthemums and all the utube videos show the hormone powder  being used

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