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Steve the Gardening Vet

Five years ago, if anyone had told me that I'd be wandering around the garden in early February willing the weather to warm up so I can start moving a couple of plants and adding new ones and putting up the compost bin that a lovely friend has just given me for my birthday, I'd have told them they were mad.


Now I fear it might be me that is nuts!


If you've got the weather we have, not freezing, not raining (too often) you can move plants. But I do agree. Roll on Spring. 


Are you a born again gardener then Steve?

Steve, you need to move to Cornwall. Spring has been here for some time but now everything is moving. I agree, if ground isn't too wet you can move your plants now.
Bunny ...
I feel your pain Steve , I've been out there today, the sun came out but sodden clay garden and months too early for me to do much , I'm almost in Scotland so a way off yet


Yes , I wish spring would hurry up, I'm chomping at the bit to get out. Thought warmer weather was coming and now they have said the weather is going to drop again next week - oh, the dismay!

A fellow nut! Ha ha
Bunny ...
Due frost here tonight
I wish spring would hurry up too I have seeds I would like to plant in trays but isn't the time yet late February still seems to far away and the weather is going to change again oh great

Patience, the main tool of the gardeners trade, you learn it after years of disappointments because you started way to early.
Dont sit wishing your life away it is short enough, get some paper out and make your lists, read the catalogues, plan that change you always said you would make then found you were too busy when Spring arrives, usually suddenly and takes us by surprise.
Yesterday I was writing my list for the GC and today although sunny is so bitter cold you would need thermals to go fill the bird feeders (do not forget the fresh water).
Like Bunny we in the North East have to sit it out and it can be up to a month after the Southern Counties, we will have the same flowers long after theirs have gone over so winners and losers.
I take it as it comes, around my birthday in February I will put some heat into the sand box and sow some early seed remembering we can have heavy frosts in April so what ever goes in you will need some covered room as it grows on. When Spring does come we will all be wishing we could spend a while just sitting and looking but each time you sit you will see a job needs doing now, "oh well" that is gardening for you.


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