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Looked at our front lawn this weekend and there must be half a dozen cat 'calling cards' in the grass.


Not a lot you can do about that  really so cultivate your Zen and just use a trowel to scoop and bin.  

It's nowhere near as bed as great canine dumps. 


Are you sure they're cat poo, did you see them doing it? Cats seldom poo in the open, they find somewhere they can bury it. Any foxes around where you are?


IF the ground is too sodden or hard cats will poo in the open but foxes are also a possibility and roaming dogs too.


I wish all cat owners would train their cats to use a litter tray. That way I wouldn't get a handful of something nasty hidden in the soil when I'm weeding and planting. ...and please put a bell around darling kitty's neck to save the bird population from carnage.

At least with a Fox it's obvious and you can use a trowel to scoop and remove.



If your grass is longish, cats will poo in it

it would seem that all the cats that used our old garden had not been told about this burring lark ,and it must be very difficult to bury it in the middle of a lawn ,also if you remember in our old house we had 5 lots left over night on a low wall and we saw next doors cat do one of them, now i don't want to upset anyone but i really think its time cat owners realised just how upset other people get with this problem, at that stage my Kate was in tears, and i mean very very upset, it is not for people who don't want a cat to have to clean up some other peoples cat mess, often people they don't even know, If owners stopped making stupid excuses for there cats and took responsibility as do most dog owners that have been forced to do, we wouldn't have this problem. Most people im sure are animal lovers but that does not make it right for cat owners to take advantage of this and shirk there side of this problem, owners are causing this problem NOT THE CATS.

Hi KT53,

I have exactly them same problem. They visit my lawns, flower beds and plant pots daily and it's driving me bonkers. It definitely not foxes. I have tried garlic, stakes int the flower beds, lemon peel, rubber snakes, lemon balm plants, and bought 2 expensive sonic cat scarers.
Yet they are still visiting and leaving their presents. I have just tried placing a mirror to scare them, and some bottles of half filled water and have order some citronella oil to add to tea bags placed in the garden. I hope this will help, because it is so frustrating. I have even thought about giving up gardening!
Has anyone tried something that is working for them?

Mark 499
The only way you can stop a cat from messing where it wants is to keep it shut in 24/7, our cat was trained to use a litter tray but it would only use it if it couldn't get outside.
Magical Meerkat wrote (see)

Does that stop them pooping outside?

I suppose if you turned the headphones though 90 degrees and applied superglue it might!

Without wishing to seem like an authority on animal output, yes I'm sure it's cat.  As for it being better than dog equivalent I definitely don't agree.  This stuff absolutely stinks!

Alan & Brumbull - it's the cats which are the problem not the owners.  If I did catch the owner doing the same thing I'd be tempted to bury them too  Wanting to isn't the same as doing it!


I was a professional gardener for over 25 years and if I had £1 for every time I've come across cat poo unburied in clients' gardens, or had it smack me in the face after being hit by the end of a strimmer line because they'd pooed on grass, I'd be very happy ,and very rich.

Please don't forget according the RSPB domestic cats are responsible for the deaths of 70 - 80 million garden birds a year. I'd rather have blue tits  than Tiddles the cat any day.


what's kitty listening to? Cat Stevens, Catatonia?




touché You win. tee hee.


Secret Squirrel

If you know who the cat(s) belong to, collect the mess in a plastic bag and take it round to them, saying, 'I think this is your property!' They obviously paid for the cat food, so, logically the by-product is theirs!


Well said Brumbull. Live and let live people.  

So upsetting to read some of these comments. 

Thanks Brumbull.  I didn't think anybody could make me laugh in this thread

If I'm banned from burying them can I at least stick their tails up their ........??

Orchid Lady
Brumbull you are funny but I have a feeling you'll be on the naughty step soon I think the cute moggy was listening to Tom Jones......What's New Pussycat